Lately, we’ve to be enjoying going v a couple of of our favorite fairy tale books much more and more.

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The stories and pictures are more than enough to keep any preschooler enthralled and Jack and the Beanstalk is definitely no exception.

In fact, we’ve currently read this details story a few dozen times and also the small man simply seems to love it more and much more each time. Because it’s quickly coming to be a favourite in ours house, we chose to broaden on the story a small and develop a pair of tasks to go together with it. The first of which? A Jack and the Beanstalk printable color pack!


If her preschooler enjoys color pages, they’re going to love this printable pack!

Within this download you’ll find:

– A few traditional coloring pages. We choose to store a couple of of these handy for those times as soon as the youngsters feel like obtaining out the crayons and also markers yet we don’t have enough time to pull with each other a larger (or messier) activity.

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– Connect and also Color pages. Attach the dots and color your creation! tiny man loves pages prefer this and they help him exercise number order for this reason it’s a win-win in my publication :)

– Color, Cut, and Sequence. This web page was a many fun. After ~ you have read the story of Jack and also the Beanstalk, shade the item on the page, cut along the dotted lines, and also then usage the piece you have cut out come order the items in the correct sequence.

Not just will her child acquire to be a little an imaginative with their colors yet they’ll occupational on scissor an abilities and story sequencing/reading comprehension at the same time!

Whether you usage a single page in the download or shot them all, i hope your small ones gain this load as much as mine has!



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