Women and also men in the Stockton area deserve to now take benefit of a revolutionary skin rejuvenation technique at California Skin & Laser Center. J-Plasma skin tightening native Dr. Gerald Bock is an entirely fresh strategy to pucker reduction and also firmer, younger-looking features.

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The science of subdermal skin tightening

J-Plasma skin tightening is based on cold plasma science. Ionized helium gas is precisely applied to deep skin layers, triggering the body’s organic healing processes. As collagen builds, loosened skin becomes firmer and looks more youthful, as fine lines and wrinkles diminish.

Dr. Bock provides J-plasma to sculpt lax skin in ~ the jawline and also neck. Cold plasma power can likewise be used safely on the face, even in delicate locations such as around eyes and also lips, without injury to bordering tissues.

J-Plasty - A new procedure for Skin Tightening through Dr. Gerald Bock.


J-Plasty is done utilizing a J-Plasma, which is a cold plasma that will be placed in between the skin and also fat and it tightens the skin visibly. It is a minimally invasive procedure. If you space having loosened skin J-Plasty is the most suitable procedure because that you to obtain your loose skin tightened to offer a younger look. Call Dr. Gerald N. Bock in ~ California Skin & Laser center Stockton CA, for more details.
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What is J-Plasty procedure?

J-Plasty is a new procedure the is offered for tightening the skin. It deserve to be offered in various areas such together the face, reduced face, neck, body, and is used for tightening the arms.

How is the procedure done?

It offers something that is called the J-Plasma which is a relatively cold plasma.

It is an ionized helium and the tiny wand that applies this plasma is put between the skin and the fat, and it tightens the skin visibly.

It is a minimally invasive form of skin tightening procedure that works better than anything else that has actually been easily accessible previously.

Who is a good candidate because that this?

Anyone that have loose or crepey skin and also who is interested in improving it. It have the right to be used on every skin species and skin colors.

Is J-Plasty a for sure procedure?

It is a very safe procedure and also has quite a high price of patience satisfaction.We do a many this because that tightening the skin of the neck and also for people who don’t want surgical treatment or a facelift this is the ideal procedure for tightening the neck skin.

Call and also schedule an meeting at California Skin & Laser Center and also get her J-Plasty procedure done today.

J-Plasma procedure

J-Plasma can be offered alone or in combination with various other rejuvenation techniques. Here is what to expect:

During consultation, Dr. Bock talks through you about anesthesia options. Usually, an oral sedative before the appointment and local anesthetic space recommended.You might be asked to protect against taking details supplements and also over the counter medications prior to treatment, come minimize danger of side effects.On the job of treatment, your confront is cleansed.Anesthetic is administered by injection. Treatment starts when skin is fully numbed.Dr. Bock offers special tools to apply cold plasma energy beneath the skin.J-plasma penetrates deep layers, stimulating skin tightening.

Recovery and results

Some early stage swelling and also bruising is normal, and should solve within 2 to 3 weeks. Residual discomfort often tends to it is in minor and easily controlled with non-prescription analgesics. Remarkable youthful results start to emerge as internal healing occurs, and change continues for numerous months. Development is long-lasting.

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Our workplaces in Stockton, Lodi and Elk Grove space equipped for these services. Speak to 209-751-4292, 209-330-0764, 209-900-1343 to schedule a consultation.