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- Ipkiss, police!

- Merde.

- Freeze.

- Put your hands up. -But you told me to freeze. -Alappropriate, alideal, unfreeze.

- You"re under arrest.

- No, it wasn"t me. It was the one-armed man.

- Albest, I confess. I did it, you hear? And I"m glad, glad, I tell you!

- What are they going to carry out to me, Sarge? What are they going to do?

- Sorry, son, that"s not my department.

- Search him.

- Where"s a camcorder when you require one?


Kiss me, my dear, and I will certainly disclose my croissant. I will certainly spreview your pâté. I will certainly dip my ladle in your vichyssoise.


Downfill or listen to sound bites of voice quotes and also sound effects sampled from The Mask (1994) soundboard that you can usage as ringtones. All sound samples are in wav and mp3 format.

Actors: Jim Carrey (Stanley Ipkiss / The Mask), Cameron Diaz (Tina Carlyle), Peter Greene (Dorian Tyrell)

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