Earlier this week, reports come out that Irina Shayk and also Bradley Cooper are expecting their first child and also that Shayk is currently in her 2nd trimester. But you wouldn"t know by looking in ~ her—even as soon as all she"s wearing is lingerie.

Shayk to walk in the Victoria"s an enig Fashion present in Paris on Wednesday evening, and did an skilled job in ~ subtly concealing any physical signs. Apparently, so great a task that nobody of her fellow VS models had any kind of idea she was pregnant.

"Looking back, several of her outfits were much less revealing in the stomach and seeing the news ~ the show, that made sense," a resource who was backstage in ~ the display told People. "No one suspected backstage, that"s because that sure! She looked together beautiful together ever."

As you can see below, both the Shayk"s runway look at featured jackets that extended her stomach area.

Getty Images

The dress Shayk wore to the after-party was similarly concealing through its bolder stripes and and loosened silhouette. It"s only as soon as you look at at her from the side do you view the little curve outside to imply a infant bump.

Getty Images

Just imagine just how beautiful this tiny baby will certainly be through the an unified DNA the Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper.

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