Hello, I"m make the efforts to operation this password (gauss elimination), yet i gain an error post :Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds (must no exceed 1). The error message comes from "am(in,in)=bm(in,im);". What walk "Index in place 1 exceeds array bounds (must no exceed 1)" mean? and also how to fix this?




seems come be very clear: The first index of variety is 2, but the array has a length of 1 in the very first dimension only. Use the debugger to study such problems:
Type this in the command home window and operation the password again. As soon as Matlab stop at the error, cehck the size of the provided variables:

I want to compare very first pixel that 10x10 matrix through the right side and also bottom next element, and based on the difference whichever is greater move towards that direction.

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