When trying to do a regression role by utilizing a duty that is manually created, I have actually this error alerting: In one assignment A(:) = B, the number of elements in A and B must be the same.

You are watching: In an assignment a(:) = b, the number of elements in a and b must be the same.

The code I have are contained below(ols is a role created by me) and also I to be pretty sure it is no the difficulty in the function.


Separate from my answer, ns recommend friend re-think your storage variables. The method you index into estimates and also the rather looks prefer your space creating range in i beg your pardon to save the results, but then you also append those results to a various array. Girlfriend don\"t have to do both and saving them with indices is much far better because it allows you come pre-allocate the array.
You can shorten this by reversing the stimulate of the loop. The way, the an initial pass with the loop provides the complete size selection results and MATLAB doesn\"t spend time resizing the variety each time. In the prior instance we accomplished the same result by pre-allocating through nan.

It look at like among the outputs the your duty ols is not a scalar. The error you are seeing is the exact same as if friend executed


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