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Hexing Harrier
Location: Mor Dhona - The FogfensYou"ll find a full of 3 Hexing Harriers at the location below. If over there aren"t any, they are more than likely all dead, so simply wait a bit for your respawn.

Gigas Bonze
Location:Mor Dhona - phibìc SilvertearI only discovered 2 or 3 of them, so it will take a while to gain your 10 kills. I indicate to inspect out the nearby Levemete (see Leves below) for the compelled Leve called "One large Problem Solved".

Giant Luggers
Location:Coerthas main Highlands - Boulder DownsI uncovered 4 that them roughly the location below. The Luggers just acquired knuckles equipped, that will make you notification them faster.

Zahar"ak Fortunetellers
Location:Southern Thanalan - Zahar"akThe Fortunetellers room the huge ones patrolling roughly Zahar"ak. You"ll most likely want to it is in careful and also clean your means first, because you can easily have 5 or more mobs on you.
Tempered Orator
Location:Southern Thanalan - Zanr"akYou can uncover some of lock here. Straight next to this point out is likewise a FATE dubbed "Book the Pride", which additionally makes them spawn.
Shelfclaw Reaver
Location:Western La Noscea - HalfstoneThose are not tough to find, and the likewise spawn during a FATE referred to as "Watch her Tongue" at the same location.
2nd Cohort Laquearius
Location:Eastern La Noscea - Castrum OccidensTeleport to Wineport and also head come the shown location. I uncovered labout 3 that them, one standing in former of the entrance, top top is in the very first room and also one is in the critical room.
U"Ghamaro Roundsman
Location:Outer La Noscea - U"Ghamaro MinesI personally didn"t find countless of lock (maybe lock were already killed), therefore I simply camped at a spot where I observed one.
Sylpheed Screech
Location:EastShroud - The SylphlandsI discovered a lot of them in ~ this location. Castle are likewise on the way!
Wild Hog
Location:South Shroud - Urth"s GiftTeleport come Quarrymill and also make your means to the place below. There are plenty of them, therefore this will certainly be quick and also easy.
You have to finish the following 3 dungeons
in order to complete this category:The Sunken holy place of QuarnHaukke Manor (Hard)Halatali(Hard)You"ll must equip her Atma weapon while death the critical boss!3. FATEs
Your following task is to finish 3 unique FATEs. Ns recommend come camp in ~ the shown location or at least close to it, because you will have to acquire a yellow medal in stimulate to get it excellent - and also this can be rather challenging if you need to run to the point out first.Another Notch top top the Torch
Location: Mor DhonaThis FATE could be a little challenging alone. You will must kill a boss, so far better wait because that backup. However, it is soloable - the ceo itself doesn"t do that lot damage and also if you room a ranged DPS you can pretty much kite him around. The real difficulty is come beat the in time, in addition to the add to that constantly spawn ~ above you.
Everything"s Better
Location:East ShroudThis FATE appears to have actually a very long spawn time, yet it is simple to complete even solo, together you just need to kill some trash mobs around.
Return come Cinder
Location:Southern ThanalanTeleport to forgotten Springs and make your means to this FATE. Guesswhat - it"s an additional boss. This time it"s a caster so no so simple to solo like the very first one.
Now over there is only one classification left: Levequests
! You need to do 3 special Leves, therefore be sure to have enough allowances ready. In case you don"t find the best Levequest in ~ the NPC, friend will have to initiate various other Leves before and hope the they will spawn after. Or else: shot to come back another time (which in reality worked better for me).Circling the CeruleumLocation: northern Thanalan - Camp BluefogTalk to Rurubana , who is situated in Camp Bluefog, and choose Battlecraft Leves. From there, merely initiate this Leve and also secure the 4 locations.If You put It that WayLocation:Coerthas main Highlands - Whitebrim FrontTalk come Lodille in Whitebrim Front and also select Immortaol Flames Leves. Don"t worry, girlfriend don"t need to be a part of that cool Company. After initiating it, just emphasis the large Dragon the spawns and ignore his summoned adds.
One huge Problem Solved
Location:Mor Dhona - Saint Coinach�s FindTalk to Eidhart in Saint Coinach�s Find and also selectMaelstrom Leves. This Leve desires you to kill as plenty of mobs as possible in 5 minutes. Every you must do is death 3 different mobs though, then you deserve to go slackor start killing the Gigas Bonze beside th Levemete if friend didn"t execute so yet.
Congratulations, the publication of Netherfire i is now complete!

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