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If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech device is a series of internet videos based upon the cosmos of the tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000, exhibiting a satirical take of the events within the cosmos following many type of millennia after what was recognized as the "Horus Heresy". The motive of the series asks what could occur if the chair-bound Emperor of Mansort was offered conventional means of connecting to his empire with the installation of a text-to-speech gadget in his throne<1>. Due to the fact that the publishing of the initially episode, the "Text-to-Speech 40k" story has garnered a huge adhering to and also has actually seen a lot praise for its comedic writing and also critiques of canon in-cosmos plot aspects within and outside the Warhammer neighborhood, frequently related to as an different and also even the "true" canon away from the publications of Games Workshop, the developer and publisher of the wargame.


Produced by a 40k community member Bruva Alfabusa, who had formerly created videos based off of the 40k world through a circle of friends recognized as the "Alfa Legion" and also on his very own efforts, the pilot episode for If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device was first uploaded to his Youtube channel<2> on September 8, 2013<3>. The initially episode follows the installation of the TTS gadget and also the initially interaction from the Emperor in centuries to an enthused Custodes. The style of the video is comparable to a puppet theater; the characters are limited to publimelted images and manipulated through editing to reflect the dialogue. The primary series is currently continuous, with the artistic team announcing updays on a regular basis. A remake of the pilot episode<4> was uploaded on January 31st of 2015, showcasing many type of improved visual facets watched in the later episodes and also adding added scenes and also conversations while leaving the original dialogue intact.