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If ever I would leave youIt wouldn"t be in summer.Seeing friend in summer I never ever would go.Your hair streaked v sun-light,Your lips red together flame,Your confront witha lustreThat puts gold to shame!But if I"d ever before leave you,It couldn"t be in autumn.How I"d leave in autumn I never will know.I"ve seen just how you sparkleWhen loss nips the air.I recognize you in autumnAnd I need to be there.And might I leave youRunning merrily with the snow?Or ~ above a wintry eveningWhen you catch the fire"s glow?If ever I would certainly leave you,How could it be in spring-time?Knowing how in feather I"m bewitched by girlfriend so?Oh, no! no in spring-time!Summer, winter or fall!No, never could I leave you in ~ all!
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