“I want you to do love to me. I want to go to your room, her bed, be under you, feeling you within me, see your eyes, feel your body and know ... To be together. Ns dont recognize if thats love or simply need, however I recognize I need you. I need that with you. I require what Ive never known and also I require it indigenous you. Just you. And also it may ruin everything or build something. Ns really not know. I just know ... Please make love come me.” — Joey W. Hill —

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“I desire you to make love to me. I want to go to your room, your bed, it is in under you, feeling you inside me, check out your eyes, feel your body and know ... We"re together. Ns don"t know if that"s love or simply need, but I know I require you. I need that through you. I need what I"ve never known and I need it from you. Just you. And it may damage everything or develop something. Ns really don"t know. I simply know ... Please do love to me.”

— Joey W. Hill

“You"ll do," Hemarchidas thought. "Isn"t this what we always end up with? What us truly want is unreachable, for this reason we"ll make carry out with what is in ~ hand. I recognize for you it"s different. I understand for you it"s yes, really me friend want. Girlfriend won"t regret it. I"ll love you because that that, and for who you are. Over there is quiet a little part of me the wishes things could have to be different. I"ll never ever let girlfriend know, feel, or also suspect that, though. I"ll make certain at least one of us gets what he truly wants." He i found it Arranulf was studying his face. He offered him a reassuring smile and also a irradiate peck on the lips. "It"ll be every right, and also I too will be every right.”

— Andrew Ashling

“There are certain delicate illusions the make life bearable. Love, in its many pure and pathetic form, the one before we get to genuinely know the human being we love, is one of them. Ignorance is bliss, and the much less you know, the an ext you love, the less you have, the an ext you want.We all miss out on the many the things we never ever had.”

— Cristian Mihai

“If girlfriend treat glass right, it doesn"t crack. If you recognize the properties, you deserve to make things; the color of dusk and also night and love. Yet you can"t control people like that and also I really, really wish friend could. I desire the people to be glass.”

— Cath Crowley

“I"m sorry," he said. The shook his head. "There are about a dozen girls that I had to say i was i m really sorry to since I didn"t love them. So I get what it"s favor for you right now.Believe me. I know. It"s terrible. You feel guilty and also awkward and like girlfriend failed to connect something come me." the nodded. "But many of every you feel choose you desire to gain the hell far as fast as possible. And also I know what that feels like and I"ll make this basic for you. Take it off. Walk home. It"s fine. I damaged the rules and I obtained burned and also that"s my fault.”

— Audrey Bell

“Who am I? I"m the one friend love to love and love to hate. Ns make girlfriend laugh, cry & cringe. You"ll forever mental me or quickly forget me. I"m past, existing & future in black and white. I"m distinctive but constantly compared. You desire me to take it you away from her life if just for a small while. My pen to know no morals or boundaries. I"m a writer!”

— Eveli Acosta

“You think you want love, Mary. Friend think the is this beautiful gift that does nothing however fill you and also make girlfriend whole. But you room wrong. Love deserve to be cruel and also ugly. It can end up being dark and cause the deepest pain.”

— Carrie Ryan

“Listen come the breath of the rain."They were silent for a minute. Dillon close up door his eyes and also tried to grasp at what Hunter experienced. Hunter moved closer and also put the warm of his breath in Dillon"s ear. "I desire you to do love come me by the rate of the rain," the whispered.”

— Brandon Shire

“Right now, ns am in Fallujah. Ns am in Darfur. I am ~ above Sixty-third and Park having actually dinner v Ellen Barkin and also Ron Perelman ... Right now, I"m on Lafayette and Astor waiting to struggle you increase for adjust so i can acquire high. I"m acquisition a walk v the rose Garden through George Bush. I"m help Donald Rumsfeld acquire a great night"s sleep ... I remained in that cavern with Osama, and on that aircraft with Mohamed Atta ... And also what I want you to know is the your work has barely begun. And what I want you to to trust is the efficacy of divine love if exercised consciously. And also what I require you to think is the if girlfriend hate that I love, you do not understand me in ~ all. And also make no mistake, "Who ns Love" is every critical one. I am every critical one. Human being ask that me: Where space you? Where are you? ... Verily ns ask the you come ask yourself: Where room you? Where are you?”

— Stephen Adly Guirgis

“I"m walking to make it very hard. Ns love you and I"m exhausted of gift told what I have to want and also what I need to do. You and I gained married and I deserve to stomp mine foot and also scream and rail at you because of the transaction you made with my father, however the truth is i wouldn"t have actually married girlfriend if i didn"t desire to". She take it a deep breath. "And i don"t think anyone. Consisting of my father, could have required you to marry me. So, Mr. Megalos, take into consideration yourself stuck to me.”

— Leanne Banks

“A friend. A companion. A beautiful, passionate lover to invest the days and nights with. A mrs to bring my children, a partner to re-publishing the triumphs and failures. A woman I deserve to share my desires with, and who will certainly share hers v me. A woman who I can comfort and also hold in times of need, and also who will hold me as soon as I to be weak , and sorrowful, and in require of the kind of succor only a wife can offer her husband. A woman who I therefore desperately desire to make love to. You, Lucy, you space that woman.”

— Charlotte Featherstone

“How do you do someone love you? for the very young, there have the right to be nothing harder in the world. Girlfriend may try as hard as friend like: ar yourself next to them, cook their favourite food, bring them wine or sing the love songs that you know will move them. They will certainly not move them. Nothing will relocate them. You will certainly waste days interpreting the an easy banalities that a phone call; month staring at your soft lips together they talk; you will certainly waste year watching a body sitting in a chair and willing every muscle to take it you throughout the room and also do a basic thing, speak a an easy word, make them love you and you will not execute it; you will waste long nights wondering just how they cannot feeling this - the urge to embrace, the eye melt in the heart once you are near them - exactly how they can sit in the chair, or speak through those lips, or make a call and also mean nothing by it, hide naught in their hearts. Or maybe what castle hide is not what you desire to see. Due to the fact that surely castle love someone. It just isn"t you.”

— Andrew Sean Greer

“Aly Ron Sunday Daoud, you are the sun that shines on my path, chasing away any type of shadows. You space the laughter the fills up mine gaping holes, there is no which I would be a basket case. You room the reason why i love my life. The best part of mine day is drink a coffee, eating a cacao treat and also listening to great music, while sitting in a couch of Lahore Gymkhana Club. You evaluate life, you grasps it and also make the what you desire within mine heart. Sure, you hit a few bumps recently, what v your loser ex, however a survivor. And also not just any type of survivor, but your"s survivor v dignity and also pride, still loving you my sweetest ex.”

— Abdul"Rauf Hashmi

“Love is favor a video game of chess. You"re white. He"s black. Girlfriend wait for him to make a move, while staring right into his handsome, melting-you-on-the-inside eyes, then realize what a dummy he is to not tell you straight out to go first. The beginning is the crush stage. You begin to realize exactly how much you desire to defeat him, or do him autumn in love v you. By the time you acquire to the warmth of the game, girlfriend both moved and are hopefully dating. If girlfriend haven"t forfeit then due to the fact that you don"t want to it is in cheated on, friend make an additional move- head ~ above shoulder, hand holding, etc. Black makes another move-he provides you his coat on a freezing night. By the endgame, he one of two people realizes exactly how stupid he was to play through you and also forfeits, or that realizes exactly how smart friend are and lets you loss him (and love you). By the moment you win, you"re married come him. A happily ever after video game of chess.”

— Amrita Ramanathan

“Are any type of of united state safe? just how do we make the through? How, once you understand you space going to leave this life even if it is you desire to or no - as soon as you know that you and everyone girlfriend love will certainly leave this life - carry out we do it? i don"t desire to die.”

— Alison McGhee

“I"m not saying it will certainly be perfect, the seldom ever is, however what"s dorn with offering love another chance? I desire to make brand-new memories through you, Chase. I want you to display up at my home for a date. A real date. I want to tension over what to wear. I desire to miss you as soon as you"re not through me. I want to obtain all giggly whenever you call saying you have to hear my voice one last time before you have the right to go come sleep. I want gain jealous because some girl realizes what I"ve got and tries to to convince you ... You have the right to do better. I desire to smile once you phone call her that she doesn"t have a opportunity ... . -Chasing Memories”

— Adriana Law

“Some may say the such a girl is not all set for a relationship with a man, especially a male in his late sixties. Yet to that i say: us don"t understand anything. Us don"t know how to healing a cold or what dogs room thinking. Us do disastrous things, we make wars, we kill civilization out that greed. For this reason who room we come say exactly how to love. Ns wouldn"t pressure her. I wouldn"t have actually to. She would want me. We would certainly be in love. What execute you know. Girlfriend don"t know anything. Speak to me as soon as you"ve cured AIDS, offer me a ring then and I"ll listen.”

— Miranda July

“This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do the well. Take it the power to love what you want in life and also love it honestly. Take the strength to to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take it the strength to regulate your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take it the strength to make your life happy.”

— Susan Polis Schutz

“I love you, Meg. I want tomarry you. I want to sleep with you every night, do love with you, have kids. I desire to fight together andwork with each other and-just it is in together. Now are you going to keep standing there, staring at me, or couldyou put me the end of mine misery and also say girlfriend still love me, at the very least a little?”

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

“I desire to spend the rest of my days through you by my side. I"m on this earth to breathe her air. There"s nobody else I want to surrender to, fight for, be with. No one has ever made me feeling the means you do." that paused. "You fear the shit the end of me at the very same time you do me feel invincible. You space the love of mine life.”

— Robin Bielman

“A note from AlanOut the the many memorable lines and quotes I have actually heard from mine dad through the years, the one that always seems come stand out the many is "Son, don"t ever tell world how great or good you are at something; allow them tell you." because that a guy who has accomplished his very own level of greatness in the eyes of for this reason many, those words were both prophetic and wise. To be the ideal at anything, one has to have a lot of confidence and also a specific amount the ego and also drive. However one must also have humility to do a life-changing affect on people. I realize now that the is what Dad was to teach me all those year ago. That course, to become a legend, one that other civilization admire and also want come emulate, you also have to add faith and dedication come what girlfriend love. A an excellent woman doesn"t pains either.”

— Phil Robertson

“I desire my best friend back. I want the ideal thing that ever before happened come me back. And I promise you I will certainly make you autumn in love v me everywhere again. This time, it"ll it is in the forever kind.”

— Christine Zolendz

“Because ... Most of united state think that the suggest is something to execute with work, or kids, or family, or whatever. However you don"t have any type of of that. There"s nothing between you and despair, and you don"t seem a an extremely desperate person." "Too stupid." "You"re no stupid. So why don"t you ever before put your head in the oven?" "I don"t know. There"s constantly a new Nirvana album come look forward to, or other happening in NYPD Blue to do you desire to clock the following episode." "Exactly." "That"s the point? NYPD Blue? Jesus." It to be worse than he thought. "No, no. The suggest is you keep going. You desire to. So all the points that make you want to space the point. Ns don"t know if you also realize it, yet on the quiet friend don"t think life"s too bad. Friend love things. Telly. Music. Food.”

— Nick Hornby

“I love you.""Yeah, fine ... ""You do my heart desire to beat.""That"s nice and creepy. Yet I"m with Fletcher.( ... ) Also, this proclamations of her undying love because that me are gaining kind the ... It"s a little much to be honest. Just hold earlier a little.""But my love for you is eternal.""That"s precisely the type of point I"m talking about.”

— Derek Landy

“Two at a time, Vera ate she peanut M&Ms. Other than for the red ones. These, she alleged, to be made from the guts of dead bugs. She put the red ones in a pile alongside the salt shaker. "I"m not right here to referee you, you understand that. Ns love friend no matter what happens. I just want to make certain you"re do the appropriate decision." Vera accidentally put a red liquid in she mouth. She didn"t notification and i didn"t recognize whether to tell her.”

— Tiffanie DeBartolo

“He did no let me move. I was heated increase in his warmth, could feel him on my lips.. And also then that said, "I.. I want to kiss you" I opened up my eyes, his eye were looking at my lips and also I said, "then, Kiss me"He was a gentleman. Well behaved, decent, shy, and all desirous to make love through me...and I ended up saying, "Gentleman, perform it gently”

— Himmilicious

“Humble myself? "Fore Gad, you must be mad!""Belike i am; yet I tell friend Tracy, that if your enthusiasm is love, "tis a strange one that puts yourself first. I would not provide a snap that a finger for it! You desire this girl, not for her happiness, however for your own pleasure. The is no the love I when told girlfriend would conserve you indigenous yourself. Once it comes, you will count yourself together naught; you will realise your very own insignificance, and above all, be ready to make any kind of sacrifice for she sake. Yes, also to the point of losing her!”

— Georgette Heyer

“We"re walking to it is in married and also hardly touch every other and also have come work and work and also never have any type of fun and we"re simply going to it is in okay v it since that"s exactly how life is and also that"s how relationships go, however I don"t desire that. I want our marriage to be ... Fun. I love joking roughly while we fool around. I desire to organize hands everywhere we go. I desire to make the end in the earlier of a movie theater, stealing kisses in coffee shops, have actually sex over every inch of our apartment or house or wherever us live. And also I"m scared marriage will change the fun part of our relationship. The component that keeps us young, keeps us in love, and I"m terrified you"ll wake up up as soon as you"re fifty and also realize you"re stuck with the decision friend made when you were twenty-seven, and we haven"t touch in months, we don"t walk out. I simply want to recognize when the happens ... That you"ll still ... You"ll quiet love me.”

— Cassie Mae

“I desire you, Zel. God knows just how much i fucking want you." the dropped his eyes, glaring in ~ his fists. "But I"m tho struggling inside. I want to be gentle. To host you and also make love come you. Yet ... I won"t it is in able to and I don"t desire to take it you violently. Not today.”

— Pepper Winters

“If you"re responsible enough to come to be a parent, climate you must be responsible enough to expropriate your kid no matter just how they revolve out. The doesn"t issue if they"re disabled or gay or not as smart together others or green or black or blue or whatever the hell they turn out come be. You have them, you love them. Always. Being a parent isn"t about getting come pick and also choose what you desire you kid to be. Being a parent way protecting your child from something that might ever damage him. Being a parent means you shelter, yet you also make them stronger so at some point they have the right to stand on their own.”

— T.J. Klune

“Whatever you desire to do, if you want to be an excellent at it, you have to love it and also be may be to do sacrifices because that it.”

— Maya Angelou

“If you desire to sleep through me, ns don"t mind. I"ve never ever slept through anybody, and also I"m very fond that you, therefore if you want to make love to me, ns don"t mind in ~ all. But marrying me is a whole different matter. If you marry me, you take it on all my troubles, and they"re a lot worse than you deserve to imagine.”

— Haruki Murakami

“We"re not always ready to get God"s love. And also we"re not all set to expropriate that it come in a range of ways. Regularly when we least expect it, God"s love can present up in the type of something or someone us aren"t happy to see-something or who we desire to push away or even run from. And, allow me tell you, God"s love have the right to make us downright uncomfortable in ~ times.”

— Melody Carlson

“I want to do love come you, and if friend don"t prevent me now, that"s precisely what"s going come happen.”

— Rachel Gibson

“That is the good joy: to walk to work-related with world that girlfriend love, even if it is they be human being that you are in love through or civilization that you simply love, and be an imaginative and artistic and make things that you want to send out right into the world and also make human being feel good.”

— Julia Roberts

“Do you want to kill his love because that you? What type of presence will he have actually if you plunder him the the fruit of his ambition, if you take it him native the splendour of a great political career, if friend close the doors of publicly life versus him, if girlfriend condemn him come sterile failure, he who was produced triumph and also success? Women space not meant to judge us yet to pardon us as soon as we require forgiveness. Pardon, no punishment, is their mission. Why must you scourge him through rods for a sin excellent in his youth, before he knew you, before he knew himself? A man"s life is of much more value 보다 a woman"s. It has larger issues, wider scope, greater ambitions. A women"s life revolves around curves that emotions. The is upon lines that intellect that man"s life progresses. Don"t make any kind of terrible mistake, Lady Chiltern. A mrs who deserve to keep a man"s love, and also love that in return, has actually done every the world wants that women, or need to want the them.”

— Oscar Wilde

“He drew away and stared down at her, stroking her cheek. Ns hope to hell this isn"t among those instances where you walk a little crazy due to the fact that we"re in a negative situation and also you don"t think we"re walking to acquire out for this reason you execute stuff you"d never dream the otherwise. Due to the fact that baby, once we gain out the here, I"m going to spend two work doing nothing but make love come you. And also it won"t have actually a damn thing to do with anything but the fact that I desire to be inside of you much more than I desire to breathe.”

— Maya Banks

“About to do it whereby you can"t walk right. Fuck, I want you therefore bad." "I didn"t arrangement on walking right tomorrow anyway. I thought hockey would job-related my thighs." His prick throbbed in ~ the cite of she thighs. "As much as ns love my sport, it might never occupational you the method I"m around to.”

— Toni Aleo

“Don"t you believe I love you? Don"t know just how I have the right to make girlfriend believe. Ns didn"t desire to kiss you goodbyethat to be the troubleI wanted to kiss girlfriend goodnight. < ... > of course ns love you. Ns love you every the time. < ... > I"d choose to hold you and kiss you so the you wouldn"t doubt whether I want to or not.”

— Ernest Hemingway

“I"m not a an excellent man," he says, "but I"m trying. I"m trying. Ns can"t make you any type of promises of perfection. Ns can"t promise I"ll it is in what you deserve, or what you need, or even what you always want. Every I deserve to promise is the I"ll love you till the day ns die, and I"ll spend every moment I"m alive trying for you.”

— J.M. Darhower

“I need to go," he said. "You don"t understand. Someone desires to death me."Someone wants to kill you?" she repeated. "Well, I want to do love to you. My goodness, Julian. Through two such compelling alternatives, but will friend choose?”

— Tessa Dare

“Unhappy? ns was lucky. So, so lucky. And also I couldn"t watch it." His eyes met hers. "I love you," he said. "And you make me happier 보다 I ever before thought I can be. And also now that I recognize what it"s prefer to be someone else-to shed myself-I want my life back. My family. You. Every one of it." His eyes darkened. "I desire it back.”

— Cassandra Clare

“LADY CAPULET: Evermore weeping for yourcousin"s death?What, wilt thou wash him indigenous his grave v tears?An if you couldst, you couldst not make him live;Therefore, have done: part grief shows lot of love;But much of grief reflects still some desire of wit.JULIET: yet let me weep for such a emotion loss.LADY CAPULET: therefore shall you feeling the loss,but not the friendWhich you weep for.JULIET: feeling so the loss,Cannot choose however ever weep the friend.LADY CAPULET: Well, girl, thou weep"st not so lot forhis death,As the the villain lives which slaughter"d him.”

— wilhelm Shakespeare

“Maybe I"ll get you a painting for Christmas," i said."We don"t to buy Christmas presents for each other," Edward said.We to be both staring in ~ the fireplace together if visualizing the make-believe fire. "Maybe I"ll start. Among those big-eyed youngsters or a clown top top velvet.""I won"t cave it if i don"t choose it."I glanced at him. "Unless it"s native Donna."He was really still suddenly. "Yes.""Maybe I"ll tell her exactly how much girlfriend love those images of dogs playing poker and she have the right to buy you some prints.""She wouldn"t believe it," that said."No, however I gambling I might come up with something that she would believe that you"d hate just as much."He stared in ~ me. "You wouldn"t.""I might.""This sounds choose the opening to blackmail. What execute you want?”

— Laurell K. Hamilton

“A an enig love is beautiful, sweet and also sacred when it"s just a irradiate infatuation; however when that human being reaches over and also touches girlfriend in the heart, do it lively in a method it has never known, that secret love becomes frightening, since you deserve to never do them love you, girlfriend would never want to do them love you ... But all the same, no matter which means you see it, they don"t love you ... And your heart doesn"t know how to beat the same.”

— Stefanie Schneider

“When i was 10, I would certainly hear songs prefer "I Love You constantly Forever" by Donna Lewis ~ above the radio, and also I desire to make stuff the a 10 year old can hear coming the end of the radio and think, "Yeah! ns love this!"”

— Caroline Polachek

“I love girlfriend Philadelphia. I desire to thank you because that accepting me, and also letting me be me and also make this my house forever.”

— Allen Iverson

“To watch the universe as the is, you need to step beyond the network . It is not tough to perform so, together the network is full of holes. Look in ~ the net and its many contradictions. You do and undo in ~ every step. You want peace, love and also happiness, and work difficult to produce pain, hatred and war. You desire longevity and you overeat. You desire friendship and you exploit. See your net as made of such contradictions and also remove lock - your an extremely seeing them will make them walk away.”

— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“People who are having a love-sex connection are continuously lying to every other because the very nature of the partnership demands that they do, due to the fact that you have to make a love object of this person, which method that you editorialize around them. You reduced out what friend don"t want to see, you add this if that isn"t there. And so thus you"re structure a lie.”

— Truman Capote

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“It"s challenging to explain love. You desire to describe water? You require a book for it. There are plenty of different methods to define what water is. Love is big, it"s really big. I recognize that I have tons the it. But maybe us don"t desire to open up so much, and also we think, possibly we don"t have actually so much, yet yes, you know that you have tons that love. Us all do. Through that love we have the right to connect, we have the right to heal every other, we have the right to make people, all of us, happy, joyful, and also make a much better world.”

— Yoko Ono

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