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Op · 11m

Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Elmer's purple craft glue stick (glue down tails of brows)

Rdevelopment XX Fauxxdation in 2.5

Radvancement XX Concealer in 0.3

LA Girl White Foundation (simply a bit to lighten things up)

Nars soft matte complete concealer in vanilla

Kimchi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Powder

Creme Shop Brow Pom Pom in Ash Brown

Me, Myself and Mmmmitchell Pallete

Suva Beauty Hydro Gel Liner in Gap Panda

Urban Deauto Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy

Inglot 77 Gel Liner

Lashes are from Amazon (Dysilk seller)

Contacts are Unicoeye "Cherry Ocean" lenses

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Created Jul 9, 2010


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