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\"I\"ll take a Potato Chip and also EAT IT\" is a memorable quote uttered by irradiate Yagami indigenous the 2006 anime collection Death Note. In memes, the catchphrase and also scene have been supplied in assorted YouTube Poops where it\"s supplied as an exploitable in remixes.


The original scene comes from the last component of illustration eight, season one, in the Death Note anime collection titled \"Glare.\"<1> In the scene, the rogue protagonist light Yagami, or Kira, bring away a potato chip out of the bag and also takes a dramatic pause to utter, \"I\"ll take it a potato chip … and EAT IT!\" prior to taking a bite. Played out in sluggish motion, the potato chip shatters into sparkling dust (seen below).


The YouTube Poop remixes began just before the illustration making its U.S. Debut on October 20th, 2007. On July 4th, 2007, YouTuber<2> YasashiiYuki uploaded a video clip titled \"Epic Potato Chip Eating fatality Note Live Action\" making use of a step taken from the Japanese live-action Death Note film, receiving over 190,000 see in around 13 and also a fifty percent years (seen below, left). On December 8th, 2007, YouTuber<3> Hikaripop uploaded a video clip titled \"Anime Poop – light TAKES A POTATO CHIP,\" receiving over 132,000 see in roughly 13 year (seen below, right).

One that the most popular instances that the Death Note YTP surfaced top top December 27th, 2007, after ~ YouTuber<6> aslion uploaded a five-second soundbite that \"I\"ll take it a Potato Chip and also EAT IT\" excerpted indigenous the initial scene. The clip gathered over 3.1 million views, 33,000 likes and also 10,900 comment in about 13 year (shown below).

The exploitable clip served as a jumping board for countless YTP derivatives that complied with on YouTube. In January 2010, the was viewed over 1 million times and ranked the No. 6 top Favorited and also No. 20 optimal Rated video clip in the education and learning category.



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