"I shave everyday but my beard is the same" riddle has actually been making human being scratch their heads. This riddle is one of the numerous riddles that has actually been trending.

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"I cut everyday however my mustache is the same. What to be I?" This question has left several social media users scratching their heads. This riddle is one of the countless riddles that has been trending for the past few days. So below is every you must know around these continuous riddle challenges and finally ,the answer for this riddle.

'I cut everyday but my beardis the same' riddle answer

The Coronavirus pandemic has actually led come several countries being under finish lockdown. This lockdown has restricted the sources of entertainment for people. Hence people are greatly relying on social media and streaming platforms.

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Hence to stay linked with their family and also friends, human being are constantly daunting each various other with riddles and also quizzes. Some of these riddles and also quizzes are straightforward while few of them are quite difficult to solve.

How come play the riddle and quiz on society media?

Step -1 pick a riddle or quiz of your choiceStep 2 – short article the riddle on her Instagram or WhatsApp storyStep 3 – Wait because that a dayStep 4 – collect as countless responses as possible.Step 5 – Finally post the answer to your riddle or quizStep 6 – along with the answer, you deserve to also add an explanation.

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The latest riddle that has actually been troubling civilization is the “I cut everyday” riddle. The full riddle is – “I cut everyday yet my beard is the same. What to be I?” Many civilization have to be posting this riddle on their social media and complicated their family and also friends. The answer to this quiz is simple. The answer is “a barber”.

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If you space still confused by the answer, store reading. The riddle was, “I cut everyday but my moustache is the same. What to be I?”A barber has actually several customers in his shop every day. Thus he keeps top top shaving numerous people’s beards. Due to the fact that many civilization getting shaved at his shop however he isn't cut himself, hisbeard continues to be the same. There are plenty of such riddles ~ above the web that you can send to her friends. These riddles are not just engaging but likewise a great way to socialise amidst the ongoing lockdown.

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