We believe the lie that satisfactivity waits over the following horizon. You deserve to hear yourself saying, “If just I had…” Sometimes live in longing for that one thing to work out us. Even worse though, we acquire what we desire just finding ourselves trying to find the next horizon.

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Psalm 23:1 in the King James Version states, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Other translations like the NIV say, “…I absence nopoint.” You might have heard those words hundreds of times. Perhaps, choose me, you memorized Psalm 23 as a child. Let this first verse sink into your heart, spirit, and also mind today — I shall not desire.

Recently, my mind was racing with what I wanted. Like you, I have actually a snapshot of exactly how my life could be better. Often, the majority of of our desires and wants seem more choose tweaks rather than winning the lottery. Then I heard the song by Audrey Assad; I Shall Not WantLook at these lyrics:

From the love of my very own comfortFrom the fear of having actually nothingFrom a life of worldly passionsDeliver me O God

From the must be understoodAnd from a should be acceptedFrom the fear of being lonelyDeliver me O GodDeliver me O God

And I shall not desire, no, I shall not wantWhen I taste Your goodness, I shall not want

Psalm 23:1 points us to the Gospel. The acceptance, comfort, courage, love, and all that we crave does not come over the next horizon — but we have actually all we require in Jesus.

That’s Good News. For those, that feel worn out by their expectations. For those, that live through the anxiety of trying to please others. For those, who have an exhausting ambition for creating. For those, that spfinish cycles of energy trying to accessibility regulate encouraged by fear.

I Shall Not Want becomes a counterculture anthem for remainder and also cry for wholeness in Jesus. The One who produced you will certainly sustain you. The One who provides life through His death and resurrection invites you to experience that life this day. Free to obtain His love and also acceptance. Free to dismiss out on the lie that satisfactivity comes on the other side of the horizon.

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So, what carry out you want today? Ask yourself, why you want it? Take a moment to listen to I Shall Not Want in the link below. In prayer, release these desires to Jesus and also look for the reality of the Gospel — in Jesus, we have all we require.