These niggas praying on my downfall

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TEE GRIZZLEY - an initial Day come "First job Out" track by TEE GRIZZLEY: this niggas prayed on my downfall these niggas prayed on my downfall On every ten, bitch i stood tall...
Young Sizzle - fact Submit corrections Cancel. Advisory - the following save explicit language: ... Niggas praying because that my downfall yet not the Jesus Christ Took her whole...
YO GOTTI - genuine RapYeah, I simply shot a video clip in Yonkers nigga, shit crazy, huh? ... Praying because that my downfall, downfall prayers ... Cause these niggas act the Feds small favors. Yeah...
JARREN BENTON - Tec In The ChurchPraying on my downfall, want my soul to leave the earth. Put a feet in a nigga's ... So as soon as these niggas yap around violence I'm biased to they raps. I'm here to...
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - mine Downfall to "My Downfall" tune by infamous B.I.G.: Yo sup hello? Faith? ... Kinda quiet, clock my niggaz bring the riot. Offering cats the ... To pray and also pray because that my downfall. Pray and also ... ~ above the phone with the chip, this Cristal chips purchase to...
JOE BUDDEN - under Fallnigga acquired too lot to prove would have been ... Y'all simply made God cry, praying because that my downfall. This the shit I'm talk bout best here, permit me tell friend niggas something. You have the right to be ... These egg shell's ns walk on are razor sharp staring in ~ the...
Maurice Moore - you re welcome You Oct 21, 2016 these niggas praying on my downfall, i ain't going under though, I just thought I'd allow you understand that, ns don't live to you re welcome you. I don't. No i don't...
JAY-Z - heart Of The City (Ain't No Love)What's increase you all niggas all fed increase 'cause I acquired a tiny cheddar ... Look, I'm on my grind cousin, ain't got time for fronting ... Niggas pray and pray on my downfall ... Thanks to may, eppitalia, five5tarhustler, rblack because that correcting this
TECH N9NE - keep On Keepin' to "Keep ~ above Keepin' On" track by technology N9NE: You can pray and also pray because that my downfall but when ns rise favor the sun and I ain't Fuckin' ... When I acquire a little of scrilla tech is giving niggas shit, ... However I got these mom fuckers praying 4 my
50 CENT - I'm supposed To dice TonightAll v the hood, I store hearin' niggas sayin' ... Niggas come put a hit out and also they talkin' favor the shit okay. I'm down ... And also pray because that my downfall, I know it every ... Many thanks to sixersfan, jbdogg1984, tommiekiddy for correcting this
YOUNG DOLPH - Feet UpI bow my head and say a prayer prior to I re-up ... I can't relate to the fake, many of these niggas line ... I acquired pussy niggas out below prayin' for my downfall
JAY-Z - HatePoser(a), No Sir(a),my hustle, for this reason Russell, ns stretch ... However these MCs are(a) praying because that my downfall, they just. ... Why these niggas constantly talking lead speak Ye?
LLOYD financial institutions - top top My to "On mine Way" tune by LLOYD BANKS: Harlem World! Yeah! ... Cause these niggas hatin' v no motive (yeah!) ... You can pray because that my downfall!
RICK ROSS - BurnFifty ring in mine choppa, I'm bustin' it rotates ya burn. Fifty kilos I'm flippin', that's ... Ago it up, this niggas prayin' on my downfall. Fifty percent a chicken, bitch I'm ballin' up...
CHAMILLIONAIRE - wait 4 my Downfall come "Waiting 4 my Downfall" tune by CHAMILLIONAIRE: Ha-ha, I understand what y'all reasoning mayn Naw, it's not ... You deserve to pray and pray, because that my down naw
YFN Lucci - created It Apr 4, 2016 ayy therefore what if lock niggas make much more i knew my time to be coming had to wait because that it for this reason every night a nigga pray because that it. Aint no going back the only...
50 Cent - Pray
4 My Downfall carolannpeacock.comPray 4 mine Downfall carry out by 50 Cent: Pray and pray and pray for my downfall ... Pussy niggas shouldn't talk, save my name out your mouth
JARREN BENTON - HallelujahY'all don't desire these boys to bring them difficulties to ya POST MALONE - never ever UnderstandNow every these bitches wanna come and also fuck up my plans. I'm simply trying to it is in ... Store them niggas much away, castle praying on mine downfall. Friend don't fuck v me...
Tech N9ne - store On Keepin' on Advisory - the adhering to contain explicit language: ... Once I obtain a little of scrilla technology is givin niggas shit. Love 'em ... You deserve to pray and pray on my downfall
DEJ loaf - come "How" track by DEJ LOAF: ns done ran mine bands up, friend can't it is in mad at me i done ... I could just closeup of the door down with Obama nigga (I view you) ... Praying on my downfall, that's why they mad in ~ me ... Visit for these
Gilbere Forte - warm In This Bitch (Remix) v the years, currently the brand-new found fame, I call it karma. These niggas bipolar, I'm that they love to hate. Praying for my downfall, currently they chalk it approximately fate
CYHI THE PRYNCE - hear Me come "Hear Me Out" tune by CYHI THE PRYNCE: A the majority of shit to be on my mind somebody gotta hear me out All I view is signs ... Mama I'm walking crazy i hope the these wall surfaces is padded ... Niggas praying on my downfall yet when you done
DO OR dice - Dead Or AliveCos these niggas want my soul. Acquire these mom ... Dead or lively so recognise that I gained shots because that my guys. Between your ... Praying for my downfall I'm making
2PAC - to "Fame" song by 2PAC: and my niggas say We want the fame C'mon c'mon One point ... No love for these fake desperados ... Praying because that my downfall
DIZZY bright - quiet come "Still Movin" track by light WRIGHT: If the ain't my time then who time is that ... The end of all these rappers the nigga the just one ... Prayer hands for the world
ACE HOOD - Mama Ain't raised No FoolThat's why i say mine prayers before I move. Simply don't ever before get the ... Who are you to ever judge me nigga? i got world praying on my downfall. I got goonies with...
Chamillionaire - Waitin because that My Downfall to 'Waitin for My Downfall' by Chamillionaire. (Chamillionaire ... Advisory - the following save explicit language: ... You deserve to Pray and Pray because that My Down-- Naw. (Verse) ... However It wouldnt Be Irritatin To any kind of Nigga the Isnt Hatin
OLAMIDE - Voice of The StreetLooking down on this niggas choose what castle gonna do. Mofo ... Niggas can talk that me, so they pray because that my fatality ... Girlfriend wan check out my downfall however ti temi o ni baje
Post Malone - Never know Advisory - the adhering to contain explicit language: ... Now all these bitches wanna come and also fuck up mine plans. I'm simply trying to be that I ... Keep them niggas far away. Castle praying on my downfall. Girlfriend don't fuck with...
SLUM town - Where execute We go From HerePlenty the niggas, pray and also pray on my downfall. Flashing rent, say thanks to you haters, you are too involved. Nahh, lock lovin' Pooh reason they crew is soft. Never see...
BIG l - '98 FreestyleI crap around and throw, 3 in her chest and also flee to my rest ... I stopped hangin approximately y'all, reason niggaz favor you be prayin on my downfall, hopin i flop
BOW WOW - Mo MoneyHypnotizing these hoes, favor they unable to do off the lean ... If I said it, then ns did it, Lil nigga, I'm the man, ... I'ma genius prefer Ray, for my downfall niggas pray, but I
Jarren Benton feat. Dizzy Wright & SwizZz - Hallelujah and ...Feb 11, 2015 Y'all don't want these guys to carry them difficulties to ya Yeah, ... Then I'll fuck with y'all Niggas praying on my downfall I duke at niggas, shoot a...
NIPSEY HUSSLE - BlessingsAll the shit I stated on my tapes niggas felt, huh. Acquired it, can't lose it gotta ... Together I push past these thousands to this mil tickets ... And till i pray to God that we all ball
BOBBY SHMURDA - warm Nigga
(Remix) come "Hot Nigga (Remix)" track by BOBBY SHMURDA: Niggas obtained me on mine ... Because that my downfall, they really waitin' ... And also these crap niggas don't come approximately cause they recognize they gon' obtain shot ... I imply you more than likely pray to Buddha
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - store It come "Keep that 100" track by SLAUGHTERHOUSE: "What's in mine mind" "What's in my ... I beg your pardon is most likely why loyalty is mine downfall ... What I'm ridin through 50 shooters for, I got to pray ... Shady obtained these sector niggaz on part fiend shit
Jay-Z + Kanye West - hate and also translation may 6, 2013 ... Nouns off, but these MCs are(a) praying because that my downfall, lock just. ... Y'all food leaving bowl Why this niggas constantly talking lead talk Ye?
JAY Z feat. Kanye West - hate ... To knock part nouns turn off At these MC's praying because that my downfall They just haters, ... We ballin', bitches eating ya'll food leaving bowl Why these niggas always...

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RICK ROSS - NobodyThese niggas is mere motherfuckin' mortals. I'm tryna ... Girlfriend fucking wanna walk around with these niggas? What the ... I stated my prayer together I'm counting sheep

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