I really hate youStop getting in mine way:

It’s quite clear the singer the the song is purple Guy/William Afton, yet this component of the lyrics could explain who he – mrs singer beside – is singing it to.One the the Puppet’s UCN quotes is “I don’t hate you, however you should stay out of mine way.” no that far from the lyric itself. This could’ve been once William conspired to damage the animatronics in hopes of extending his bloody tracks. Charlotte in particular, for being the first victim to possess an animatronic – her case being the Puppet – and also helping future above-ground victims possess an ext of the robots.

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I've shed my patienceWhen are you gonna ...:

This is to express the truth that wilhelm Afton is beginning to remorse his actions native his past and also is questioning as soon as the animatronics soul will finally be in ~ peace.

I want to throw you out:

A comparison come the techniques which will be provided to eliminate the animatronics haunting him.

as with my damaged TV:

The plan is that by throwing the end their parts and taking them come a recording to be scattered, they will forever stay dead, however, even this fails to work, as confirmed by the purple Guy coming to be Spring Trap.

If you'll come back once moreIt shall it is in ...:

The Purple guy was the FNaF 1 night guard. This heat is a warning to the classic animatronics to no come back.

i hope you dice in a fire!:

Foreshadowing the finishing of 5 Nights at Freddy’s 3; the pizzeria burns under after the player completes the bonus nights, as shown by a newspaper snipping on the screen.

expect you'll it is in taken apart:

A recommendation to the dismantling the the animatronics in the 5 Nights at Freddy’s 3 mini-games.

It's almost overWhy can't you just let ...:

The animatronics room constantly trying to obtain revenge and kill William.

Don't it is in afraidIt's no the very first time ...:

This is introduce to the death of the children prior to they possessed the animatronics, the very first time the Afton killed them. The line is likewise stating the he no afraid to kill them again, in spite of their new bodies. He can and will end their resides again.

her mechanical components clickSounds like once I ...:

The song was written before the publication came out or was also announced. The component of william crushing the children in the suits was not known earlier then. This is merely to remind the youngsters that the purple man remembers what that did come them.

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once I get my second chanceI won't leave you...:

This probably method that the dead/missing kids will get their revenge on their killer, the violet guy, and also won’t leaving him alone of what he’s done to them.