He simply won his 3rd NBA championship, help the Cleveland Cavaliers get rid of a 3-1 collection deficit against the gold State Warriors. He likewise helped Cleveland end a 52-year significant professional sporting activities title drought, fulfilling the promise the made to bring a title to Cleveland as soon as he returned to the city in 2014.

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With James in ~ the pinnacle of his career, he is enjoy it the off-season while it lasts. He’s vacationing with fellow NBA stars Dwyane Wade and also Chris Paul, where he was spotted put on a T-shirt through the phrase “I Feel like Bron” ~ above the front.

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LeBron rockin the “I feel choose Bron” tee native https://t.co/ETMDgrugRDpic.twitter.com/9nhf8jA9TS

ilthy) June 29, 2016

The shirt is similar to one rapper Kanye West sported in ~ Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game, through the expression “I Feel favor Kobe” gracing the front.


The T-shirt have the right to be bought virtual for $35 in ~ ilthy.com, an art agency based in Cleveland that makes sports and pop culture pieces.

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During his time off, James will be able to take a mental and physical rest from basketball. Together with guard Kyrie Irving, that willed the Cavs to the title, averaging 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds and also 8.9 assists every game throughout the Finals.

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James wore a shirt that boasts his name, however given how he played in the Finals, the earned the best to stroke his ego and also indulge in part self-pride.

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