How many times have you viewed the “Oh? she Approaching Me?” meme, and wondered what the heck it means and whereby does that come from? Well, right here we are to define to girlfriend everything around its origins and also meaning.

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The expression originates from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga and also anime, in ~ which yes sir a particularly famous step that has been edited lot of of time on the web.

In the panel, Dio Brando and also Jotaro Kujo approach each other; however, there is a 2nd panel that additionally shows Dio through praying hands, which spawned the Dio walk / Gamer Dio meme together well. Both panels space quite famous on the web, but where walk they come from?

The step from which they take inspiration from is in thing 143 “DIO’s people (10)”, the the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusadersmanga, which to be issued top top February 24th, 1992.

In the scene, the the main villain Dio Brando asks “Oh? You’re draw close me? rather of to run away, you’re coming ideal to me?” to the main character Jotaro Kujo.

After he angrily philosophies the villain, Jotaro answer “I can’t to win the shit the end of friend without gaining closer.”

The scene likewise appeared ~ above the 46th illustration of the 2014-2015 Stardust Crusaders anime “DIO’s World, component 2”.

Around mid-2015, to edit of this scene started appearing on the web. The an initial one was posted top top Tumblr in June 2015 by user scarymonstersasc, v regards come the upcoming E3. The meme received over 3,800 notes, and also started its roadway to fame.

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Less than a year later, BPPegha, a Imgur user, also made an modify with one more character: Koichi. Due to the fact that then plenty of other human being have produced object labelling edits using the scene.


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Take the one do by JesusSan, who offered a Darling in the Franxx post: it was uploaded top top Reddit (specifically /r/animemes), and it gained over 8,000 points.

Two weeks before that, another meme posted in the same classification got more than 4,000 points.

Do girlfriend feel favor browsing with some really an excellent “Oh? You’re approaching Me?” memes? we hope so, since there are some great ones comes up!

Oh you’re approaching me examples

1. This is a severe question:


2. Social distancing is no joke, however it have the right to be a meme:

3. A little confusing:


4. Is this spider approaching?


5. This is no going to end well:

6. This will certainly be an epos fight:

7. We recognize that the Queen will definitely win:


8. This was an alleged to be just a simple conversation:


9. Over there could likewise be alternative motives to strategy one another:


10. Remember the time that Avengers and Final Fantasy VII approached Cyberpunk??

11. Thiefs additionally need to strategy their enemies


12. Google and Bing are big time opponents as well!


We hope you’ve delighted in our repertoire of Oh? You’re pull close Me? meme, we’d favor to know which ones space your favorites!