CATHERINE, driving through Jamie to fulfill her parents.CATHERINE:My best friend had a small situation in ~ the finish of our senior year,And choose a shot, she and Mitchell obtained married the summer.Carolann gaining bigger ev"ry minute, thinking"What am ns doing here?"While Mitchell"s the end ev"ry night, gift a heavy-metal drummer.They acquired a little cute house on a small cute street v a crucifix ~ above the door,Mitchell obtained a task at a document store in the mall.Just the typical facts the a typical life in a town on the east Shore--I thought around what ns wanted,It was favor that at all.Made Carolann a cute infant sweater, thinking "I can do much better than that."In a year or so, I relocated to the city, reasoning "What have actually I acquired to lose?"Got a room, obtained a cat, and got twenty pounds thinner.Met a guy in a class I to be taking that you can say looked prefer Tom Cruise--He wouldn"t leaving me alone "less ns went v him come dinner.And i guess he to be cute, and also I guess he was sweet, and I guess he was great in bed--I gave up mine life because that the better part that a year.And for this reason I"m beginning to think the this maybe could work, and also the 2nd it entered my head,He essential to take part time off,Focus ~ above his "career"--He go out me off v a heartfelt letter--I thought, "I deserve to do much better than that."You don"t have actually to gain a haircut,You don"t have to change your shoes,You don"t have to like Duran Duran,Just love me.You don"t have to put the seat down,You don"t need to watch the news,You don"t need to learn come tango,You don"t need to eat prosciutto,You don"t have to adjust a thing,Just continue to be with me.I desire you and you and nothing yet you,Miles and also piles that you--Finally I"ll have actually something worthwhileTo think of every morning--You and you and nothing however you,No substitution will certainly do,Nothing however fresh, undiluted and pure,Top that the line,And entirely mine!I don"t need any lifetime commitments, ns don"t need to obtain hitched tonight.I don"t want you throw up all your walls and also defenses.I don"t typical to placed on any pressure, however I recognize when a thing is right,And I invest every work reconfiguring my senses.When we acquire to my house, take it a look at that town, take a look at how far I"ve gone--I will never ever go back, never look earlier anymore.And it feels choose my life led right to her side and also will keep me over there from currently on.Think about what girlfriend wanted,Think around what could be,Think about how i love you--Say you"ll relocate in with me.Think the what"s an excellent about me and you,Think that the bullshit we"ve both to be through,Think that what"s past, because we deserve to do Better!We have the right to do better!We have the right to do better than that!We can do better than that!