use a storage card to save your photos, videos, and also music. As soon as you need to complimentary up phone warehouse space, girlfriend can also move specific apps to the warehouse card, if the apps assistance this feature.

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organize the phone face up. Insert the pointer of the tray eject device that came through your phone—or a little bent paperclip—into the tray eject hole next to the microSD map slot.

press the reminder all the means into the hole till the microSD card tray ejects. traction the microSD map tray out, and place the microSD card—contacts facing down—into the tray.

when you need to remove the storage map while One M9 is on, unmount the warehouse card an initial to prevent corrupting or damaging the papers in the warehouse card.
Important: If your storage map is offered as interior storage and there room apps the were moved to the card, you will certainly not have the ability to open this apps after unmounting the card.
From the house screen, insanity
> setups > warehouse & USB.Do one of the following: If her storage card shows up under Removable storage, madness
next to the map name. If her storage card appears under inner storage, tap the map name, and then insanity
> Eject.
Important: Make sure to unmount your microSD card before removing it. Watch Unmounting the warehouse card.
organize the phone confront up. Insert the pointer of the tray eject tool that came with your phone—or a little bent paperclip—into the microSD tray eject hole.

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push the reminder all the method into the hole until the microSD card tray ejects. pull the microSD card tray out, and also remove the microSD card.

After remove the microSD card, make sure that you insert the empty microSD map tray earlier into the slot.