Other 보다 Candy like level 130, candy Crush level 140 is one very tricky level in Wafer Wharf. You are someone who played 139 levels in liquid Crush Saga so you should be able to know how and also why the board is set in this way. But, girlfriend still cannot skip the tips and also cheats provided here in bespeak to success in this level. You have 45 moves, and also you need to score 30,000 points in ~ the offered moves and collecting 99 red, 99 yellow, and also 99 orange. 99 x 3 = 297 moves! it is impossible to win if you collect all of them one by one.

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There is no blockers, no bombs, and no dual jelly in this level. The plank is very open and also that means you can make combos, combos, and combos. Look because that match-4s and additionally match-5s to make striped candies, covering candies, or shade bomb. No tip is yes, really needed because no bombs and no blockers. However, below are the an excellent tips – friend gotta walk low, low, low, low, and also low. Play your game roughly the bottom for this reason that more candies can be matched as soon as they fall.

Lastly, target and collection your eye to focus only ~ above red, orange, and also yellow candies due to the fact that they are the one to let you pass this level. Also, you must clear some various other candies in order to have much more space. Ideas for the level 140: as you can see 99 x 3 = 297, it means it is difficult to collection all the forced candies if you execute not create any combo. So, the only tips you have to remember – combos, combos, and combos.

Candy to like Level 140 Rules

Level 140 – Wafer Wharf

Level 140 challenge and Target

Level 139 must passed in order come play Level 140. The target for liquid Crush level 140 sounds an extremely easy – obtain 99 red jellybean candy, 99 yellow candy, and also 99 orange candy in 45 moves and score 30,000 points. Think again, 45 moves for so numerous candies? Combo! The reward for Level 140 is to walk to Level 141.

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Level 140 Star Scores

??? 100000

?? 80000

? 30000

Candy like Saga Level 140 Strategy: video clip Guide

Candy like Saga Level 140 – video clip Help

Still can’t break v the level 140 with our video clip help? Why not inspect out our liquid Crush Saga advice & Strategy web page for much more details.

If the tips and strategy execute not job-related for you, shot our candy Crush Saga Cheats and Hints then.



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