I’m going come share how to wait in autumn 4 using different methods ~ above PC, XBox and PS4. You need one that the two key things to wait in fallout 4. Let’s shot it out.

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How to Wait in autumn 4

In autumn 3 and also Fallout new Vegas, every you’d need to do is press back on the Xbox 360 controller or choose on the Ps3 and it would enable you come wait a specific variety of hours. Girlfriend don’t have actually to find something come wait. But, there are two ways to wait in fallout 4.

Method 1: discover Chair

The very first method is to find a chair and sit ~ above it. Then press every little thing the command tells you come do. In the situation of the keyboard, the switch will it is in Y. ~ pressing, girlfriend can choose the term of sleep. For Xbox or Ps4 controllers, you have to press the increase arrow key to pick the sleep option and choose how plenty of hours you desire to wait.

Method 2: uncover Bed

The other choice for waiting in autumn 4 is to uncover a bed and press the indicated command top top the display screen for sleep. Friend can select how countless hours you desire to wait here.

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