This quick overview will define exactly how to take a screenshot on Google’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones. Now that both phones have been available for more than a few months, we’re obtaining a lot of concerns from new owners. We constantly get asked how to take a screenswarm, so listed below we’ll explain just how to carry out this simple little bit trick.

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Back at the finish of September of last year Google announced both phones, which were then released in at an early stage November to a lot of excited users. One extremely standard feature that everyone must understand about, is how to take a screenswarm.

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Sometimes the simplest method to share a funny photo, save a message message, or present someone somepoint on your phone is to take a screenshot, or capture what is being presented on the screen, and also sfinish it in a message or email. It’s extremely beneficial, and also incredibly basic to perform once you recognize just how. It’s been the exact same on a lot of Android gadgets for years, but new Nexus owners or first-time Android buyers will should understand exactly how.


With every brand-new Android smartphone this question comes up, but it’s the very same process for virtually eextremely device that isn’t made by Samsung. If you’ve owned various other Android devices, you currently recognize exactly how. However, the stunning Nexus 6P has actually many type of iPhone and also Samsung individuals trying Google’s Nexus, so they’ll must recognize just how. Below are the few easy measures you’ll need to take in order to capture and conserve a screenshot.

For those puzzled. A screenswarm (or screengrab) is our smartphones capturing and conserving what’s on the display. Which can then be edited, saved, shared and also more. This is a really handy attribute everyone should understand.


It’s actually quite simple, and simply favor many Android phones it’s the same straightforward action on the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. Just tap a couple of butlots.

All owners must execute is push and also hold both the power switch and also the volume dvery own key at the very same time. Push both at exactly the exact same time, organize for a moment, and let go. This deserve to be tough because they’re both on the exact same side, but it’s basic after you master the timing. Owners will hear a electronic camera shutter-form sound and also watch a visual display capture animation. Then you’ll view the phone save the screenshot, which deserve to be accessed from the alert tray.


With both the power and also volume butloads being on the exact same side you’ll likely need two hands to percreate this job. That, or simply use one hand and revolve the phone sidemeans to gain an excellent angle to quickly long-press both butloads. Sometimes it takes a few tries to perfect the timing for beginners, yet it’s really basic. Once individuals number it out, it comes organic. Those through a situation on the Nexus 6P may have actually trouble and watch the volume adjust quite than a screenshot, bereason the butlots are too cshed. Try pushing as far to the bottom of the volume down as feasible, so your situation doesn’t accidentally hit one more button.

From here you’ll watch the screen capture has actually been saved. It is now available in the notification pulldvery own bar to check out, share, or also modify, and you have the right to additionally head into Google Photos to uncover it for even more sharing choices, or to make changes, edit, or share to social sites or in a message.

If you attempt and it doesn’t work-related, try aacquire. It’s all about hitting the power and also volume dvery own butlots at the very same time through a brief pausage, then letting go. Timing is whatever.

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That’s it, you’re all done. It’s that straightforward. This same method works on practically all Android smartphones and also tablets that aren’t made by Samsung. Devices through a house switch typically use Power+Home instead of volume down. Give it a shot and also begin sharing those funny memes or Facebook write-ups via friends or household.

The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are stock Android tools via hardly any kind of apps out of the box, so individuals might should downpack some photo editing apps (thorough in the attach above) to edit and obtain the most of their new screenshots. Enjoy.

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Google doesn"t have actually the finest track record as soon as it pertains to situations or accessories, but they"re functioning tough to change that through the Nexus 5X and also Nexus 6P. Tons of situations are accessible currently, or will be coming soon.

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