A basic usability now in a mobile phone or tablet is the possibility of taking screenshots, that is to say to document in a picture what appears on the screen at that exact moment on your Apple iPhone 4s.

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Tright here are applications that have the right to perform this functionality, however fortunately you perform not have to install any additional app as it is contained in the iOS 5| upgradable to iOS 9.3.5 operating system.

When you make a screenshot, you have the right to send that WhatsApp conversation, Tinder, Instagram story, Facebook photo or video framework in the memory of your Apple device.

On the contrary, if you desire to document a video of what is presented on the screen of your Apple iPhone 4s, for instance to document a video clip contact, a story or a web page or item of an internet video, you deserve to follow the next tutorial: Record display from Apple iPhone 4s

First method:

If you desire to make a screenswarm to your Apple iPhone 4s you need to follow these easy steps:

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step:

First we go to the display screen to which you desire to make the screenshot of your Apple iPhone 4s, be it a web web page, chat or application.

2- 2nd step:

Press and organize the top or side button. Immediately click the start switch and also release the height or side button.


3- Third step:

The recorded photo will be reduced and will certainly show up in the reduced component of the display screen on the left of the iPhone 4s for a couple of secs, if you desire to modify or share the capture instantly click the thumbnail prior to it disshows up. If you do not desire to use the screenswarm at this time, ignore the thumbnail and also you can proceed making use of the device and continue taking more screenshots.

4- 4th step:

If you have clicked on the thumbnail, the screenshot editor will open wright here you have the right to edit it, reduced it, draw, erase, include arrows, circles, comment bubble, usage the magnifying glass, include message or a signature.

5- 5th step:

Once you have finished editing the capture, to conserve it in the photo gallery of your iPhone 4s push “OK” and it will ask for confirmation to conserve in the photo gallery or delete the screenswarm.

6- Sixth step:

If you desire to sfinish the capture push the share switch, choose the app wbelow to share, when shared press “OK”, it will certainly ask for confirmation to save the capture or delete it.

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2nd method to make a screenswarm in iPhone 4s:

1- Go to the screen you desire to capture the screen in your Apple.

2- Open the notice bar and select “Capture”.

3- The caught photo will certainly appear through the opportunity to edit it, from this editor you can cut it, draw, erase, include arrows, circles, comment bubble, usage the magnifying glass, include message or a signature. Once you have finiburned to save it in the photo gallery of your Apple press “OK” will ask for confirmation to save in the photo gallery or delete the screenshot. If you want to sfinish the capture press the share button, choose the app to share, when common click “OK”, ask for confirmation to conserve the capture or delete it

How to capture a complete web page in Apple iPhone 4s?

If what you desire is to capture a finish internet page in your iPhone 4s, first of all you should recognize that this approach just functions with Apple"s Safari browser, so you need to open up that web page to which you want to carry out the complete capture with scroll with the Safari internet browser.

Take the screenswarm through the approach indicated over, as soon as taking the screenshot the thumbnail will certainly appear in the reduced left of the Apple iPhone 4s display, click on the thumbnail to accessibility the screenshot modifying application, you will certainly see that the text “Full page” appears at the peak best, click it and you will certainly view the full screenshot together with the scroll on the appropriate of the display.

You have the right to now include notes, attract on the capture, crop, rotate and share the screenswarm by clicking on the arrowhead icon in the upper right of the display screen. To complete push “Done” to conserve in the photo gallery.

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About the device:

Apple iPhone 4s is a device via a dimension of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm (4.54 x 2.31 x 0.37 in), a weight of 140 grams, a display screen size of 640 x 960 pixels (~330 ppi pixel density) and also a screen resolution of 3.5 inches (~54.0% screen-to-body ratio).

The Apple iPhone 4s it originates from the factory through the operating system iOS 5| upgradable to iOS 9.3.5