Here’s the quick answer: Simultaneously press the volume down button and the power button until the display flashes.

Screenshots are still among the many important functions of eextremely smartphone and tablet. Capturing screenshots on Google Nexus device isn’t rocket science but that doesn’t mean it’s obvious. Fortunately, eincredibly Nexus gadget have the right to capture a screenshot through a few basic steps.

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Here’s our overview to taking a screenswarm on any Google Nexus handcollection. The procedures are precisely the very same for any Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10. Or, for that issue, every Nexus phone and tablet running on Android 4.0 or later on.

How to take a screenswarm on your Nexus device

Make certain the picture you want to capture is on the display screen.Simultaneously press the power button and the volume down essential. The trick is to organize down butloads at the exact very same time till the screen bweb links. A notification will certainly show up notifying you of your new screenswarm.Swipe dvery own on the notice to evaluation and also share the screenswarm. With more recent Android operating units you’ll be able to share straight from the notice bar. Older phones will require you to go into the Gallery application (photos) and also find the Screen Shots album.

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 Screenswarm Tips

Wbelow are my power and volume down buttons? On the Nexus 6 you’ll find power switch directly over the volume rocker on the right side. It’s shaped prefer a pill. On the Nexus 5 and various other older handsets the power button will certainly be on the left side of the handset and the volume rocker will be on the ideal side. On the Nexus 9 and 10 taballows, the power switch is situated on the upper left side.
Wright here is my screenshot? All screenshots are stored in the Gallery (photos) application. Go to the Gallery app then pick the Screenshots album. Still can’t uncover it? Make certain you’re browsing your photo library in Album View.How carry out I share my screenshot? The screenswarm will show up in the Notifications bar. Ssuggest drag dvery own the notifications bar to testimonial and share. With gadgets running Android 4.0 or later, you deserve to share it straight from the Notifications Bar using email, social media, or SMS. Additionally, the screenshot deserve to be shared directly from the Gallery app in the Screenshots album.

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Take all the screenshots you want! Enjoy.