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Hi, I\"m a web comic artist and also painter. Ns make a webcomic dubbed Ikon and also I draw, paint, and also make arts tutorials. This is my art blog! gain extra goodies atmy Patreon or be buddies through me top top twitter!
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I desire to offer commissions to knife money for school and also I figure I need to offer a product through a skill I have

So how do you carry out that? I recognize it’s more facility than just listing prices and also pictures. How do you collection up the paypal? perform you require an existing financial institution account?


Howdy Kurohime! I do not understand a lot around you however I execute see your art reblog gallery and also your various other stuff, therefore I believed I’d placed this with each other for you:

1.) find out what her time is worth!

Here’s a cheat ripped directly out that the the Graphic artist Guild Handbook: Pricing & moral Guidelinesbook.

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Sit under and include up every the prices that you need to pay every month. Consider things like house note/rent, insurance and other receipt (and add in a food bill). Multiply that by 12 to get how lot you “cost” in a year.

For me personally, I have actually shell out around $2.5K a month therefore I need to scrounge increase $30,000 a year, and also that’s to buy nothing extra, walking nowhere however work and also straight home. No gain. No progress.

Add a value to this figure. If you are shy around a number, at the veryleast give yourself what is minimum fairy for her area. Youmust include additional money come this figure due to the fact that otherwise you would certainly not it is in able to address taxes or spend money on more than staying alive (new clothes, a quite night the end for a change!)

because that me, minimum wage is $15,000/year. $15,000 + $30,000 = $45,000. This will certainly be my score salary because that this example.

Now, do two things:

1.) Your day-to-day Rate: division the goal salary by 230. Create that down. Multiply this by 1.15 (this figure is a profit margin; treat yourself).

Ex: 45,000/230 = 195.65. 195.65 x 1.15= $225 one (8 hour) day.

2.) Your Hourly Rate:Divide the value by 1125*. Climate multiply the result by 1.15.

Ex: 45,000/1125 = 40. 40 x 1.15 = $46 an hour.

*I wrote 1125; the Handbook says between 900 and 1350, for this reason I provided you the mean of the two.

Are you going to charge human being these tough numbers? no unless you desire to. However, friend do need to know exactly how much you are worth therefore you have the right to answer the concern every starting person asks: “How much should i charge?” once you recognize what your time is worth and also you know how long that takes you to perform something, it’s much easier to answer the question!

“Isn’t $46 one hour lofty?!”, you could ask. If friend made $46 an hour functioning 9 to 5, you’d be livin’ the up! Surely since I’m just beginning I need to charge minimum wage?!


Minimum wage is for human being who work finite schedules, whether full or component time. Minimum fairy is for the 9 come 5 world; the predictable world. You space not in the 9 come 5 world. You room in a human being where you will rock-hop from client to customer and have the right to go from showering in moolah Scrooge McDuck layout to enduring a workless dried spell because that what seems prefer eternity.

Whatever you do,do no let everyone swindle you right into paying friend minimum wage.

2.)Put with each other samples of your work and also tell world you’re all set for commissions!

Don’t placed price sign on your work-related if friend don’t want to. Civilization will come to to asking what your prices are; you have the right to haggle v them!

3.) occupational on a ½ increase front, ½ later on basis.

Most civilization are amazing to work with! However, there will be poor eggs.There room those rare, yet still distressing times world will take advantage of friend if you perform the work before they salary you, choose running off without paying you. Come get roughly this, you should ask your customers for ½ increase front (and don’t start until they salary you!).

This functions two-fold. First, you, the artist, recognize that at the very least you obtained paid something! and for the buyer, it’s easier, trust and money wise, to commit to a half-payment quite than the full thing.

4.) If you use PayPal, remember to send an invoice rather than accept gifts, and remember to usage a Paypal fees calculator!

PayPal will revolve $15 into $14, and once or double this is no big deal, however if you desire to make an excellent money (and ns think friend can), friend will want to make certain that you actually acquire paid for what you need to be paid for! Account because that PayPal fees in her invoices.

The way people execute sometimes shot to get around the fees is by sending out money through gifts, but due to the fact that the fees is exactly how PayPal gets paid, they can/will likewise boot you for “suspicious activity” if you acquire paid via gifts.

5.) Keep records of all her transactions and a portion of what you make set aside for taxes.

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Assuming friend live in the joined States, this money you make on the web is income, and also you get thewonderful thrill of payingtaxes(JOY the JOYS). You need to report lock yourself, and also if friend don’t, you can can acquire away v it for a while, but, it’s finest not to find yourself in a large fat audit.

Now i can’t give you financial advice in any kind of legal capacity. However, assuming friend live in the US, you space going to need to anticipate paying around a 5th of whatever you do in taxes. The kind of tax form you will certainly be looking for is a dubbed a1099.