Contrasted to the other huge social media platcreates, Tumblr have the right to ideal be described as “idiosyncratic.” While the basics are intuitive and simple to understand also (how to post; just how to follow various other users), you deserve to spend years on the site without discovering some of the lesser-known features and shortcuts.

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Tumblr has actually a tips page, however the majority of customers don’t recognize it exists, and it just scratches the surconfront of advantageous advice—for example, the reality that you can screen your tags in chronological order, or browse your dashboard utilizing keystrokes rather of the scroll bar. Otherwise, Tumblr customers have to count on luck and word-of-mouth to uncover the site’s even more obscure tips and also tricks.

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Below, we present some of the the majority of advantageous features that Tumblr individuals have uncovered over the years, along with the best advice from Tumblr’s own shortcuts web page.

1) Allow anyone to reply to message write-ups on your dash

If you desire to encourage direct replies on your dashboard, put a question mark at the end of a text article, and also you’ll be offered the choice to activate replies to that article.



2) You can’t write-up links in askbox messeras, however you deserve to in chat

Tumblr introduced a chat attribute in 2016, permitting one-on-one exclusive messeras in between users. While you can’t paste URLs into askbox messeras (which individuals ca response publicly), you deserve to sfinish web links in chat.

P.S. If someone sends you a connect to a video clip game test, fashion declaring blog, or modeling spreading session, it’s most likely spam. Report them.

3) You have the right to queue askbox replies

When you reply publicly to an askbox message, it immediately posts straight to your dash. However before, if you’re answering a lot of messperiods and also want to stop spamming your followers, you deserve to queue them to post at a later date. Just float your cursor over the “post” switch and also host down the alt vital. This gives you the choice to queue the reply or save it as a draft choose any various other article.

4) Interact with various other users directly from your dash

Hover your cursor over someone’s symbol on your dash. If you click, their blog will show up on the best fifty percent of the screen. Conversely, you deserve to relocate your cursor over the little person-shaped icon, and see a dropdown menu including the alternative to block them, sfinish an askbox message, or subscribe to their write-ups on the app.



5) Communicate by tagging people’s usernames

A lot of civilization frequently check for mentions of their username favor any other tag, which is especially beneficial if your dashboard is too busy to check out notifications for
-replies. Obviously this isn’t an choice for human being through a generic username like
bananas, but if your name is
420feelthebern, you won’t have actually a lot trouble searching for any articles tagging your username.

6) Discover tagging etiquette

Along via practical stuff choose tagging people’s usernames, Tumblr users have occurred a sophisticated tagging etiquette—although habits have the right to differ from perboy to perkid. Some civilization prefer to usage tags for business purposes, while others use them to include added commentary on posts and reblogs. However, people tfinish to follow comparable guidelines as soon as tagging for spoilers or trigger warnings.

If you’re planning to post spoilers for something brand-new and also well-known, it’s polite to usage a spoiler tag (say, “Star Wars spoilers”) so your spoiler-phobic followers have the right to block any kind of appropriate write-ups utilizing an extension app favor Tumblr Savior.

Trigger warnings occupational the very same method. If you desire to article or reblog something that runs the hazard of triggering someone’s PTSD (for instance, a post around rape, eating disorders, or suicide), tag it via some variation of “create warning” or “tw” and then the specific content of the short article.

7) Tags are draggable

If you desire to rearvariety the tags on a short article, you can just drag and drop. (This is vital bereason just the first five tags are searchable on the website.)



8) Use the “dogear” to go straight to any kind of post’s permalink address

Eexceptionally short article on your dashboard has actually a “dogear” on the optimal right-hand corner. Hover over it, and also it will tell you what time the short article was publiburned. Click and it will certainly take you with to the post’s original URL in an additional home window.

9) Navigate anyone’s Tumblr archive

Eincredibly Tumblr blog has actually a short article archive under the URL You can likewise filter by the form of article you’re looking for. For example:

10) Find out what various other individuals have actually Liked

This one deserve to feel a small sneaky, however it’s possible to spy on anyone’s Likes. Just go to

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11) Find posts from a certain day, on any kind of blog

Travel ago in time by keying the URL were we talking about on Nov. 6, 2014? Star Wars title memes and Naruto fandom, reportedly. Well, there you go.

It’s sindicate not feasible to cover all the ins and also outs of Tumblr in one tips write-up, however if we’ve left out your favorite reminder for better tumblring, let us know on Tumblr!