There space 3 ways to take a screenshot top top LG K20 & K20 Plus. The most common and conventional technique is using the volume down and also power button. This works on almost every android smartphone.

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The other 2 techniques are easier and also can be quite advantageous to record the display on LG K20. Let’s examine out all the 3 methods with the assist of the listed below screenshots and video –

How to take it a screenshot top top LG K20 & K20 Plus

1. LG K20 Screenshot utilizing Volume under & power Button


To catch a screenshot, press the volume down and also power key simultaneously on her LG K20.

In a couple of tries, you’ll obtain a cave of it.


Once the screenshot is captured, it mirrors up in the navigation bar. You can view, share, or delete it.

You have the right to view it later on as well. It gets stored in the pictures 2. LG K20 Screenshot making use of the Fingerprint sensor


The fingerprint sensor on the LG K20 is useful in more ways 보다 one.

It doubles as a faster way to catch a screenshot on LG K20. Very first of all, we require to permit this use as per the screenshot above.

Go to Settings and also scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Open “Shortcut Keys” and also tap “Take Screenshot” to enable it.


Make sure to just tap on the power key (Don’t Click) twice and keep your finger on the power crucial until the screenshot is captured.

The double-tap needs to be rapid else the screenshot won’t be captured.

In a few tries, you’ll acquire a cave of it and also it’s much much easier than the volume and power key combination.

3. LG K20 Screenshot using capture Plus shortcut in navigation Panel


If the quick memo app is lacking on your K20 you should download it from the update Center.

Go come “Settings”

Agree come the “Terms that Use” and also download the “QuickMemo+” app.

Once the app is installed, pull down the an alert panel and tap “EDIT” as presented above.

Drag the “Capture+” icon as displayed in the screenshot above.

Close the navigation panel and also relaunch it.

Now tap the “Capture+” symbol to record the current screen.

Click ~ above the “tick” icon and select “Gallery” in the dropdown menu

The screenshot is captured and saved to the Gallery.

In the gallery app, “Capture+” and also “Screenshots” folders are visible.

LG K20 display Recording Procedure

A built-in screen recorder is absent from LG K20 however there a number of third party display recorders that are as great as a native display screen recorder.

The one i m sorry I prefer the most is the display Recorder by Kimcy929. It’s an ad-free display recorder through the following features –

Supports Pause and also Resume FunctionCan be included as a faster way in the navigation panel because that a one-click display recordingFree from annoying adsCan document videos up to 1080p with a frame rate the 60 fpsOverlay text/image supportCan use the camera while recordingClean record without any type of watermarkTranslucent Magic button to control recordingVideo trimmer to modify recorded video

The various other notable display recorder apps which I’ve tested are are Mobizen, X Recorder & AZ display screen Recorder.

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Share her favorite LG K20 display recorder in the comment section below.

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