How to Say ‘You’re Welcome!’ in PolishPosted by Anna on Oct 4, 2008 in Culture, Vocabulary

Like I sassist in the comments to the previous article, it’s main, I have actually the ideal readers ever! Thank you so much for all your sort words, and also more – for your suggestions.

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Today’s write-up is inspired by a comment made by Thomas in the write-up listed below. Remember his problems via finding the Polish tantamount to “you’re welcome”? I couldn’t think what kind of nonsense he discovered in his dictionary, and also so I made a decision to carry out some googling of my own and view what I might come up via.

While there are fairly a few totally free on-line dictionaries (which in my opinion are a better alternative than on-line translators), the one that I favor the best is’s not just one dictionary, what Ling does is to compile answers to a query from eextremely resource in its database. Or at leastern that’s exactly how I think it works.Knowing Polish is not really vital to use the business. Just form a word in (use the Polish letters they show you if it’s a Polish word), hit enter and then waddle with the multitude of results. From what I’ve viewed, Ling also contains meanings from the dictionary that Thomas had actually discussed – Ectaco, which personally, I have actually found to be less than perfect, to put it gently. Very gently.

So exactly how perform we say “you’re welcome!” in Polish? There are a pair of methods to execute it. Ling (if you have the patience to read with the definitions after you punch in “welcome” into the search box) offers these two:

Nie ma za co suggests somepoint favor “nothing to it” or “that’s nopoint.”Proszę bardzo is the exact same as “please.”

Both are used to answer as soon as somebody’s thanking you, prefer this:

Dziekuję bardzo! – Thank you so much!

Then I wanted to discover out if among these phrases was even more famous than the various other, and so yesterday, I obtained on the phone and dubbed ten random businesses and also bureaucratic workplaces in Warsaw and also beyond, and asked a bunch of idiotic (yet still plausible questions). I wanted the world to spfinish some time on trying to find an answer to provide me a reason to say thanks to them profusely and then listen to their responses. Acomponent from one very rude woman at a specific school of better finding out in Warwitnessed, which bereason I’m such a great gal, shall remajor nameless, who hung up on me virtually automatically, everybody was extremely nice and also valuable.

They patiently sought a solution to my imaginary problem and also when I finally showered them via a slew of “dziekuję bardzo”, 5 responded with “nie ma za co”, 2 sassist “proszę bardzo”, one said “nie ma sprawy” (no problem) and also one – “z przyjemnością” (via pleasure).

So, the conclusions?Poles are very conscientious once it comes to acknowledging somebody’s thanks and also use a variety of expressions to execute. And I definitely don’t like the Warobserved School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Their loss, bereason I am seriously considering going earlier to institution. For actual.

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On the various other hand also, the excellent ladies at the College of Warobserved were super patient and also super polite. I spoke to two, one said “nie ma za co” and the other – “proszę bardzo”. So there you have it.