Removing your vehicle’s rear axle bearing is an essential task. Throughout your vehicle’s lifespan, you may experience issues with your vehicle’s axle bearing. The bearings are responsible for the spinning of the axle while it is held to the vehicle. However, there are times when the grease leaks out of the bearing or starts to make noise while in operation. Some other more severe issues like scouring or gouging may occur, and this can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. We shall show you a step by step guide on how to remove rear axle bearing without puller.

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If you want to fix these issues, you should have the right tools box for mechanics including a work light because you may have to remove and replace the axle bearings. Doing this task without using pullers may be a daunting task, especially if you have never attempted to do it before.

Steps to take if you want to know how to remove bearing from the shaft without a puller


Remove the wheel/Brake drum

Once you removed the tires, the next thing is to remove your wheel drum by reducing the brake adjustment until your brake drum is turning freely. Take your hammer and hit the brake drum on opposite edges and gently remove the drum.

Disconnect your brake shoes

Bring your ply and screwdriver close, disconnect the springs holding the brake shoes together, and keep the brake shoes aside, then disconnect the hand brake cable from the plate by removing the clip at the back or by pressing down the hooks holding it. Look at the back of the cam plate, there are four bolts holding your rear shaft – it is mainly 14mm bolts or studs and nut, loosen it, lose the 10mm bolts holding your brake pot, and disconnect the brake fluid pipe that is connected on the wheel pot. Take your hammer and gently hit your axle shaft to pull it off.

Removing the bearing from the axle shaft

Carefully remove the hook holding the ABS cone. Use your screwdriver and gently pull out the ABS cone, the next step is the use light (a welding light or centerline light) to puncture the bearing so you can easily remove the balls in the bearing. Once you have completely removed the balls one after the other, take your chisel and a hammer and carefully pull out the bearing from the axle shaft – this process requires strength but with carefulness. Remove the seal and clean it, or replace it if it has gone bad.

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Installing the new axle bearing

Clean the surface of the axle shaft thoroughly with fuel and a washing brush. Also, clean the rear axle case with a clean rag. Apply grease on the new bearing and fix it back on the axle shaft. Install the axle shaft back in the axle case and couple it back.