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For some, the inner of any type of truck have the right to be a little boring, so including a tradition door panel section have the right to brighten up the inside of any kind of truck. This How-To write-up is on just how to perform it in a NBS format truck, however I am certain the procedure is comparable for other years.What you Need:- 7mm socket through extension- brand-new fabric or extending of your choice- 3M High strength 90 call adhesive- painters tape- one old credit transaction card or old stubborn gift card- One leaf razor blade- flat Head Screwdriver- Towels - Brake and parts cleaner or acetoneStep 1: eliminate the prior door panels and also prep1. Eliminate the trim cover that is around the door take care of by lifting the bigger edge on the bottom until the clips popular music out, climate revolve it roughly the take care of to remove. Collection aside. Also remove the cover for the winter bolts, by gently prying through a level head screwdriver. Set aside.2. Eliminate the Lock Indicator purchase prying that off with a level head screwdriver. Collection aside.3. Remove the two 7mm bolts with the ratchet and also extension. One is ideal behind wherein the lock indicator was, the other is behind the grab take care of in the center of the door. (this one is why an expansion is needed.) collection these aside v the other door parts.4. Closely lift the whole door panel by the center handle, until it is detached.5. Carefully disconnect the wires that go to the panel with the lock switch, and window buttons. The all have button clips the are moved in to remove them. One has a electronic came style latch, that have the right to be tricky, for this reason take her time. Also remove the pear socket because that the door light.6. Set the panel on a work bench, and remove all 7mm hex screws to eliminate the eight rest and also button console. Set these aside. Former door panels are currently ready.Step 2: rear Panels, and also prep (For EXT cab)1. Remove the 2 7mm hex head bolts within the cup holder and recessed area next to it. Set aside.2. This whole door is fastened with quick clips, so begin at the top and also pull the door panel off.3. Eliminate two 7mm hex head bolts holding the armrest on the panel. Collection aside. Behind doors are now prepped.Step 3: cutting fabric, prep 1. For every doors, take her fabric, (I supplied mossy oak camo to enhance my headliner) and cut it come fit her panel. Leave 1-2 inches of extra material external where the finish of the towel will it is in (in the creases around the raised part of the door)View attachment 82. Test fit the material. Because that the front doors especially, place the cloth out and also use a sturdy plastic map to push the towel into the creases. Not only deserve to you watch what it will certainly look like, it will crease the towel so you understand where to placed the most glue.View attachment 6View attachments 53. Traction fabric earlier out, and tape approximately the prompt area you are going to spray adhesive onto. Take it the artist tape and the plastic map to press the tape right into the creases so the the brand-new material doesn"t stick itself to the door panel wherein you perform not want.4. Lay your fabric an excellent side down and give it a generous coat of the glue, and the door panel component itself. Let the tack up for 1-3 minutes.View attachment 1View attachment 9Step 4:Setting the fabric and trimming1. As soon as the glue is fully tacked up, carefully take your towel by the ends and lay that on the panel. **BE certain TO LEAVE enough MATERIAL around THE OUTSIDE, execute NOT quick YOURSELF. ** This stuff is near impossible to pull ago up.2. Push creases the end from the facility outwards and also push fabric around all contours. Usage the sturdy card to shove the material as deep right into the crevices that the area together you possibly can.Step 1: remove the front door panels3. Allow the adhesive dry for a few minutes, then take a razor blade and also trim about the outside. Behind whereby the armrests room you can leave part material, however the crease is a bit trickier. Push the razor right into it, however cut come the external of your brand-new fabric. Peel this overabundance off, and pull the tape as you go. Work your means around till all excess is gone.Step 1: remove the front door panels4. Take it the map go ago around the crease, pushing all fabric in as much as possible. This offers it a cleaner look.5. Peel every tape off, and also use a file towel through some acetone or parts cleaner come get any kind of excess glue.Step 5: Marvel at her work!View attachment 3View attachments 4View attachments 2View attachment 7Step 6: reverse door panel removal process1.

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Follow steps one and two in turning back to re assemble and enjoy!OPTIONAL
I had actually mine embroidered through the trucks nickname, but this is fully optional. Friend can additionally put piping in between the brand-new fabric and also the rest of the door panel, but I like the clean look.