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Removing a shower arm is almost quite straightforward if you have the right tools.

However, it’s no the same as soon as the shower eight is stuck. But, there’s a systems to every problem and also this one requires you to put a bit more effort into it.

Anyhow, remove a shower arm that is grounding is certainly not straightforward task come do. Therefore, it’s quite vital to follow our steps and also do specifically as we describe in this little guide.

Let’s begin.


Prepare for the Shower eight Removal Job

Among many things that you’ll must remove a stuck shower arm, the main point essentials are:

A systems made out of lemon juice

As we deserve to see, this job will call for you to deal with nasty build-ups that space usually located under the shower head arm. These build-ups room actually the reason why the shower eight is grounding in the an initial place, so, the a good idea to attend to it accordingly.

Besides that, the whole process of remove a shower eight is not simple so be prepared to gain your hand dirty.

How to remove a Shower arm that is Stuck

Once friend gather all the tools and necessary equipment for the job, it’s time to get down to business. Stop see how to eliminate a shower eight that is stuck.

Keep in mind the the shower arm is directly associated to the wall so you’ll need to be extra mindful not to damages the feet in the wall. Anyhow, let’s begin.

Step 1 – get rid of the water inside her bathroom

First, friend will need to turn turn off the water inside your bathroom due to the fact that you are going to eliminate a shower arm which is directly linked to the water pipe. In most cases, the shut-off valve is situated somewhere in the basement of her home.

However, over there are residences that have actually a unique shut-off valve that only regulates the water inside your bathroom. In the case, twist that valve and also turn turn off the water flow in her bathroom.

Just remember, revolve the valve clockwise because that will instantly turn off the water flow inside her bathroom.

Step 2 – shot twisting the shower arm

Once it’s safe to work, you can begin with the means to eliminate a stuck shower arm. Namely, you’ll require to try to twist the shower arm v your hands. Now, remember to twist to the left because that’s the side whereby the shower arm will certainly loosen.

However, this won’t actually work because you won’t need any type of other tools if you can just twisted the shower head arm and also remove it.

But, by twisting the shower arm and also trying to remove it through your hands, you’ll actually loosen it up just enough for the adjustable wrench to conveniently remove it.

Anyway, it’s additionally recommended to usage a towel in stimulate to use a bit an ext pressure. However remember, you can’t twist really hard since you don’t want to snap something about the shower head arm.

Step 3 – take a vice grip

In many cases, you won’t have the ability to remove the grounding shower arm v your hands, and, that’s precisely where the angry grip come in place. Namely, take the vice grip and use it come twist the shower eight as friend would do it v your hands.

Also, you have the right to take an old item of cloth to sheathe the shower arm prior to using a angry grip just so you don’t damages the surface. The exact same pattern goes right here as well, twist to the left and shot not to press too hard because you don’t desire to break anything.


Step 5 – Clean the shower arm

This step needs you come clean the shower arm out of the lemon juice solution.

Since the equipment is probably going come work and dissolve many of the accumulation around the shower head arm, you’ll should clean the properly.

For this step, usage an old piece of cloth and also simply wipe the lemon juice turn off of the shower head arm.

Step 6 – use an flexible pipe wrench

If nothing worked so far, that time to carry the most effective tool once it involves twisting something. Namely, take an flexible pipe wrench and also twist the shower arm until it start to gradually rotate and also eventually autumn off the wall.


The reason might be the corrosion build-up that simply jammed the shower arm. You’ll easily notice the corrosion buildup if girlfriend see any kind of brown spots on the shower arm joint.

On the other hand, the reason can be the mineral build-up. You’ll notification that if there’re white clues on the shower eight joint.

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Conclusion: removing a grounding Shower Arm

As you can see, removing the grounding shower arm is not straightforward job. You’ll most likely need to put a the majority of muscle right into it, but, in the end, you’ll eliminate it there is no damaging any part.