Box braids are the many versatile protective layout you deserve to wear. They’re fun, happy and include extra detail and also texture to her locks. Whether you want to let her braided locks flow down or put them in a sassy updo, crate braids room the perfect method to offer natural hair some added flair.

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If you need some aid styling your brand-new box braids for much longer hair, have actually no fear: Here’s exactly how to style box braids this season.

How to layout Long crate Braids

1. Bow Tie

This cute and quirky style looks great on long box braids.

If you have some preventive time and couple of hairpins, climate this adorable box braids bow tie is a cute means to dress up your box braids. Learn exactly how to do this format in our bow braids tutorial.

2. Half-Up

If you’re going to work, school, or just running around and also don’t have actually time to style your hair, put your lengthy box braids in a half-up style.

When you’re ~ above the run, girlfriend don’t have actually many hairstyles for lengthy box braids to select from that have the right to be ready in a flash. That’s as soon as the half-up hairstyle comes in: It’s as easy as grabbing a clip and also pulling part braids on the back! If part strands room popping out of your braids, control and also pat them down with a hairspray like Dove Style+Care Extra hold Hairspray.


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3. Multi-Colored Braids

Multi-colored box braids space a funky and vibrant method to dress up your style.

Make her hair a distinctive waterfall of color with this vibrant, beautiful braids! They’re oozing through personality, and include an extra an increase of shade to just about any style.

4. Crown Braid

What’s one means to layout box braids? putting them in one large crown braid, the course.

Just because your hair is already in braids doesn’t average you can’t placed it in an also bigger braid. A half-crown braid is the ideal style that’s truly fit because that a princess, and also can easily be achieved with long box braids.

5. Braided Bun

If you’re going all over formal, this style is the perfect up-do for her braids.

We’re all around big, chunky braids made out of smaller sized box braids (so meta!). The look at adds texture and also detail to an currently classic updo, and also it’s very basic to recreate: simply simply braid your collection of lengthy box braids into a bigger, fatter braid, and also wrap lock in a bun style. Tip: come keep your edges smooth and also sleek, use Emerge leaf Control.

6. An easy Bun

This simple bun can be made while ~ above the go! photo credit: Dvora

This is among the much easier long crate braid styles on this list, yet it quiet looks therefore chic. Wrapping her braids in a big, voluminous bun is just one of the most basic (and many popular) crate braids styles there is.

7. Half Twist Bun

Twisting your hair into this intricate fifty percent bun is an excellent for a night out.

We’re all around the bun layout with lengthy box braids. A half twist bun is a funny play on a continuous half-up style and looks great for any kind of occasion: whether you’re going come the society or heading to brunch, this style steps up to any kind of event.

8. 2 Tones

Play v your braided locks by including splashes of color to her hair. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

Go all out through your box braids by including some mr of color. Even if it is you want some neon blues or an ext subtle blonde, including more hues right into your weave offers off a an ext vibrant, distinct appearance.

9. Peak Knot Bun

A peak knot bun keeps braids out of your face while adding extra volume.

A height knot bun, excellent in a half-up style, is another basic long box braid hairstyle for you to shot out.

10. Scarf

Haven’t obtained to wash her hair, or just having actually a poor hair day? climate tie a scarf roughly your head for a bohemian look.

If your roots are looking a small greasy, there’s nothing a whimsical scarf can’t fix! simply spritz her hair with Nexxus dry Shampoo refresh Mist to suck out excess oil, and wrap any kind of scarf of your choosing approximately your crown.


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11. Sheathe Ponytail

A high ponytail sheathe with among your braids adds fun information to a basic style.

Want to really upgrade her ponytail’s style? climate this simple tip will perform the trick: just wrap one of your box braids approximately the base of your ponytail, pin it to secure and voilà: You have the perfect sheathe high ponytail.

12. Next Bun

This side bun is huge and bold.

This side bun stands out from the rest because of that is fullness. It’s truly big and in charge, and gives a fun new twist top top a consistent updo.

13. Messy Bun

A messy bun is the easiest way to add body to your hair when doing minimal effort.

The confusing bun is important a girl’s finest friend. That adds a sexy edge to her look when requiring practically tiny to no effort; just simply toss your hair up, wrap it, and off girlfriend go.

14. Big Top knot Bun

A huge top knot bun is crucial to showing off the information in your long box braids. Photograph credit: Allyson Allapont

A large top node bun can look sleek, styled, and chic with large box braids. If you have actually multi-toned braids, this is a good way to display off those funky colors!

15. Center Part

Let your hair down in this straightforward middle part.

A straightforward style that can go a long means with long box braids is a middle part. Among the best things about having box braids is the it’s a lot much easier to adjust your part without any annoying frizz or flyaways messing through your flow.

16. Pinned-Back Bangs

Pin back your bangs for a straightforward and styled look

Are you exhausted of your braids whipping approximately on your face? Then pin them earlier with some hairpins or a large hair clip. Come make sure your fringe flyaways (and those hairpins!) stay put, spritz hair lightly v Dove Style+Care Extra hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray.


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17. Beaded Pigtails

Embellish this pigtails v some funny beads. Photo credit:

This to be a significant style in the ’90s, and now we think it’s ultimately time to carry this chic look back. Beaded pigtails look adorable on long box braids, and add a sexy complete to a straightforward hairstyle.

18. Thin Side Braid

If your box braids room on the diluent side, then placing them in a smaller braid is a great choice the style.

If you have actually thinner box braids, you have the right to incorporate a fishtail braid or constant 3-part next braid right into your daily look. Smaller braids include detail and also texture come these and can be easily maintained with simply a hair tie.

19. Deep Red

Try out a fun shade that deep red ~ above your long box braids style. Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

This the shade is unique and bold, yet not bright and distracting. It’s the perfect shade for anyone wanting to action out of their comfort zone however not walk too far all in ~ once.

20. Former Highlights

Front highlights space a definite trend for 2021. Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

Blonde streak front highlights to be trending in 2020 and also we intend them to proceed going solid all transparent 2021. It’s a good way to include a popular music of contrast about your face without committing to loads of blonde.

Experimenting with all these box braid hairstyles is the perfect method to uncover your favorite. With this many choices on how to style box braids, you’re set for layout inspo all 2021.

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