The MINI Cooper hood relax is a tiny bit various than numerous other models on the market, but it’s straightforward to operate as soon as you gain oriented. If you desire to popular music the hood, first you’ll need to accessibility the security latch. In this guide, we’ll walk girlfriend through specifically how to open a MINI Cooper hood with ease. Discover out the simple steps below, and also if girlfriend have any kind of questions in Providence, RI, our organization department at MINI that Warwick is here to help!

Finding the MINI Cooper Hood Release

The place of the MINI Cooper hood release has changed over the years, for this reason feel totally free to consult your owner’s hand-operated or contact our organization department if friend need added information. Below, you’ll uncover the instructions for how to open a MINI Cooper hood:

Find the hood release latch. ~ above models before 2009, it will certainly be on the passenger side under the gloves box. ~ above models after ~ 2009, you’ll discover the latch on the driver’s side near the foot pedals.Pull the latch come unlock the hood. Pull it once more to open up the hood.If the hood shows up to just be slightly open, feel approximately the underside of the hood for a safety latch. Press to relax the latch.Once you space finished inspecting, be certain to push the lid down from about 20 inches. If friend didn’t near the hood completely, you’ll see a examine Control article displayed.

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Problems with the Hood Release

Sometimes your hood relax malfunctions as result of a damaged cable or faulty component. No sure how to open up a MINI Cooper hood v a broken cable? us recommend scheduling a service with our technicians. If friend can’t open up your hood normally, forcing it open up can reason even more problems – which deserve to lead come even much more repairs! Instead, leave her MINI Cooper in the hands of ours factory-trained technicians in our cutting-edge facility.

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We’ll settle the problem, so you have the right to get back on the Cranston, RI roads in no time.

Get Expert auto Care with MINI of Warwick

Whether you should learn how to open a mini cooper hood through a broken cable or you’re ready for that reserved maintenance appointment, feel free to call us at MINI the Warwick for every one of your automotive needs. Our organization professionals can aid you with any kind of MINI Cooper issue, big or small, for this reason don’t hesitate to reach out in the Newport, RI area.