Is your remote begin not working? Here are 10 points that may be preventing your GM keyfob remote begin from functioning effectively.

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Reasons Your Remote Start is Not Working:

Imappropriate Starting Procedure

Hit the lock button when, then hold the remote start button (Usually shaped prefer an arrow ) for at least 2 seconds or till the rotate signal lamps flash. Keep holding and the vehicle need to begin.

Vehicle Not in ‘Park’

As a safety precaution, the remote begin system will certainly just job-related if the automobile is in ‘Park’. Disconnect and re-connect ‘P’ prior to you reattempt the founding procedure.

Too Many type of Remote Start Attempts

If you have push the ‘start’ button twice in quick succession, it will certainly not work-related. Simply insert the vital in the ignition and rotate it ‘on’ and ‘off’. Exit the car via the fob and also reattempt step #1.

If your coolant temperature is near C or your oil is low, you have to be topped up!

Coolant and also Oil Pressure

Double inspect your engine coolant and also oil temperatures: If the engine coolant temperature is as well high or the oil push is too low, remote start is disabled! After you have let the auto cool dvery own for 5-10 minutes and also rechecked the levels, retry the start procedure.

Unlatched Hood

An unlatched/open hood will prevent the remote start procedure. Firmly open and also close the hood before repeating step #1.

Hazard Warning Lights

As a safety and security precaution, the remote begin device is totally disabled while danger lights are on. If it’s safe to carry out so, turn off your peril lights and also reattempt step #1.

The Key is in the Car

A easy settle might be the location of the key. The auto cannot be began via the fob in the automobile. Take it out of the vehicle and also retry step #1.


Check Engine Light

If the ‘Check Engine Light’ or Malattribute Indicator Lamp (MIL) is illuminated, the remote begin will certainly not job-related. Don’t panic, among the reasons the MIL deserve to illuminate is as a result of a loosened gas cap! Reseal the cap, restart the automobile, and also retry step #1!

Dead Keyfob Battery

If none of the other solutions have addressed your trouble, attempt replacing the battery in the fob. The keyfob offers a CR2032 lithium cell watch-type battery. The battery is commonly found and deserve to be quickly swapped utilizing the diagram on the best.

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Check the Manual

It might be time to dust off the old, trusty hand-operated. Your car might encompass added features that are staying clear of the remote begin feature from functioning. If other troubleshooting fails, have a look at the manual for the ‘Remote Start Procedure’.

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