ns am looking for a means to put my note at the finish of the record (as "EndNote") (or in ~ the finish of a chapter), or even to hide them.

Since over there is no web-viewing mode, the note are displayed on the bottom of each page. It"s annoying due to the fact that they reduced the text. It would be good to have the ability to hide castle or display them as end-notes.

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Is this possible? and if yes, how?

EDIT: thanks to paulhastings0 we have the right to now convert footnotes come endnotes. Yet it"s just a workaround because we require both note to endnotes. If you also want both of them, star this attribute request (the an ext stars the better chance we have).


I encourage you come submit your request because that this ability directly come the Docs Team. The more requests they receive for a feature, the more likely they will work-related on it.

You must do both:

1) star this coding attribute request (Then go to the setup of this page (the equipment on the right) and also disable every notifications, or you"ll be flooded by "me too!" emails).

This worry has been clogged by google...

2) send a Feedback

Open a Google Docs document.Go to aid > Docs help.Click ~ above Send feedback (at the bottom).Write: we require an EndnoteSectionPress the blue Send button.

(Source: Jo"s answer)


Someone else had the same problem and created a Google Docs Add-on that immediately converts every one of your footnotes into end-notes. I"ve used it without any hiccups.

You have the right to download it here.


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