Kylo Ren, conflicted villain of the brand-new Star Wars trilogy, will certainly surely it is in a major presence again this Halloween, through The last Jedi rapid approaching. His costume, all black and also layered, complete with dark-side helmet and crossguard lightsaber, seems rather perfect for Oct. 31 — as well as your next DIY project.

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Using provides from around the house, CineFix"s "Homemade How-To" team recreated Kylo Ren"s costume and also are encouraged we deserve to do the same. Sure, you have the right to go out and purchase a ready-made outfit to come to be the understand of the Knights of Ren, but to do it unique yours, why not shot and develop the costume at residence yourself. There"s still time!

Image by Star Wars/YouTube

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Designing Kylo Ren"s Look

At this year"s NYCC, a bit an ext information was listed by Lucasfilm ~ above Kylo Ren"s helmet:

His helmet was crafted to mask his visage and voice, concealing his identification as he delves additional into the strength of the Dark next of the Force.

So, Kylo"s mask is expected to hide his past as Ben Solo. And also what execute we perform with costumes at Halloween yet conceal our true identities (for a couple of hours). This Star Wars costume truly was created All Hallows" Eve, and as The pressure Awakens costume designer Michael Kaplan described to clothing on Film, it was not a straightforward one come create:

You have no idea how many designs and concepts we came up through that were shot down. It"s incredibly difficult to come up through a mask the doesn"t feeling derivative the an currently superhero or to an additional iconic reference.

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Can"t assist but think he"s talking around Sith mr Darth Vader right here with the totality "iconic reference." Well, after every the back-and-forth, fortunately they go finalize a look because that Kylo Ren, and also that"s the watch we"re walk to do here, using supplies from our homes, the thrift shop, hardware store, and also craft store.

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"I feeling it again... The traction to the light.". Image by Star Wars/YouTube

Things friend Will require for Kylo Ren"s Helmet

Note that "homemade" doesn"t necessarily mean fast and also easy. Kylo Ren"s helmet for instance will take some time to obtain right, together there is a lot of of information to try and match. This said, the products you"ll need are affordable, straightforward to obtain, and also many are quite possibly currently in your home somewhere (see scissors, glue, cardboard, spray paint, etc.). For this reason let"s begin. Here are the points you will need to make your very own Kylo Ren mask/helmet (voice-changer approximately you):

milk jug plastic serving bowl X-Acto tongue or box cutter glue, super adhesive glue pistol (optional) mite scissors black color sheer fabric

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Step 1: develop the Helmet Base

Starting through the small trash can, ice the waver lid shut from the inside. Reduced the bottom off, and also then the entire can in half. Next, placed the lid on her head and also measure from the bottom the the garbage can"s lip to your jaw.