​STEP ONE: This /summon command is supplied to summon the invisible armor stand. This armor stands will determine where jumpscares will certainly occur.

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The an initial command (the one in ~ the bottom) provides a slowness impact to every players that room in a radius that 20 blocks from the stated coordinates. Remember that your collaborates will no be the exact same as my coordinates.

The second command to produce the scary sound when a player gets close to the armor stand previously summoned.

"r=4" suggests the radius that blocks about the armor stand in which the player demands to be because that the sound to it is in produced.

"m=0" states that the sound will certainly be played only if the player close come the armor was standing is in gamemode 0 (survival mode). This selector deserve to be likewise used in every other regulates that show off "
p", "
a", etc. And also the number mentioned after "m=" indicates the number of the gamemode in i m sorry the player needs to be in order because that the command to it is in executed.

To target a player in spectator mode (gamemode 3), you must write m=3 etc. Etc.

The third command is similar to the second: it is enforcement only when a player in survival setting gets close to the invisible armor stand called "JUMPSCARE". This time a blindness effect is given to the player.

​▶ The fourth command block kills every armor stands that room 4 block close come a player in survival mode. Because the command block is set to "conditional", the armor stand will certainly be removed only if the previous command was properly executed. This renders sure the armor stands are removed just after a jumpscare occurred.

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e ~ ~ ~ impact
a blindness 2 0 true


a<-1845,55,149,r=20,m=0> slowness 1 2 true

a ~ ~ ~ death

This tiny command modification permits you to make working custom beds!

Make sure to follow the steps.

/summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ CustomName:"JUMPSCARE",Marker:1b,Invisible:1,NoGravity:1