I am going to it is in making a center console because that the Mini. After having actually the auto for 12 years, it is currently time to the end in a radio and some speakers. Ns am also planning on two cupholders and a place to put and also charge my phone.

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It seems like the common materials for making a console are MDF or fiberglass. What else is the end there the is suitable? I observed a youtube video clip where a man uses PVC foam sheets and I"ve viewed where people make them out of paper metal.

The architecture I have actually in mind would be fine come make out of MDF, yet that stuff appears so heavy. Ns don"t desire to mess v fiberglass. What various other brilliant principles do girlfriend guys have that I"m not thinking of?


I"ve supplied "glass over a foam core, which to be pretty straightforward and an extremely lightweight, however you said you didn"t want to mess through fiberglass.


I"m not sure of the whole process but I"ve watched where friend stretch some fabric over a wire form and climate coat it through polyester or epoxy resin. As soon as it hardens you have the right to then reinforce the on the earlier side through fiberglass mat and an ext resin. As soon as you do that you deserve to sand smooth the exterior and then repaint or you can likewise cover it v a class of carbon fiber that you like that look.

You deserve to make it out of metal however unless you deserve to bend the you will be grounding with flat pieces that you need to fasten with each other in some manner.


Thin piece of hardwood (like 1/4 customs plywood or perhaps you can acquire 1/4 inch or 3/8 boards) will certainly be much lighter 보다 MDF and with a good stain and also seal, it could not look at too far out of ar in a mini. Or you can cover the thing in animal leather from the towel store.


I to be surprised in ~ how good painted Coroplast looked and also felt, and also it weighs nothing. Here"s a DIN gauge pod ns made this way:


When installed you can"t watch the edges and also it looks way more skilled than the should.

Bend up a straightforward console indigenous aluminum and upholster it with vinyl in a color of her choice. If girlfriend have access to a TIG the shape can be more complex, back the upholstery will be a little tougher. Before I saw MDF I"d be trying to use 1/4 plywood just to keep the weight down. Or, struggle the junk yard and also see if there"s something usable from an additional model that vehicle.

This book essentially covers what you"re asking and describes it v enough information to do it look at easy sufficient to try. Fine worth $20, IMHO:


Like anything, I"m certain it takes exercise to master. I wouldn"t intend your first attempt to be perfect. To it is in hoenst, I"m looking forward to the inner fabrication an ext so than any other aspect of my pending vehicle projects - since that"s what girlfriend are constantly touching/feeling when driving. Even much more than power.

You can also do some searching online - there are all set made consoles for Minis the end there that may work for you.

I observed a dash freshly somewhere that a guy produced a warm rod. The was an easy aluminium, but covered through some aged, worn leather, it included a the majority of charahter to a basicly flat piece the metal

I"m reconsidering fiberglass. Ns think I"ll do a structure out of wood and use fiberglass because that the sides and top surfaces. Will not be almost as heavy as a entirety structure made the end of MDF.

I was reasoning thinner plywood rather of MDF currently to save weight.

There are consoles I can buy, yet I want to do one myself.

Not much chance that anything from the pick and pull fitting into the space I have.

I am additionally planning on new front seats, so ns really have to settle ~ above those first to have the ability to see just how much room i really have to work with, climate I will move into the cardboard mockup stage.

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This totality project is Guido"s fault. Ns am planning on a 6+ hr each means drive in the auto in April. It started out v the idea that I needed an outlet for this reason I could charge my phone, then moved onto cupholders and also music. Ns am to plan on including an amp and a bluetooth receiver dongle doohicky and not installation an really head unit and also just utilizing my phone together a music source. Hope to fit two cupholders, tiny storage area, USB outlet and two 4" speaker in the console. Going to put rear speaker under the behind seat. We"ll see how it goes.