Architecturally, glass blocks space very similar to traditional brick materials. Both bricks and glass block are provided in the same method although, glass blocks deserve to be offered in some instances where bricks cannot.

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Comparably, both materials are frequently secured making use of the very same product; mortar. However, to achieve a cleaner look for much less effort, glass block application have the right to be done utilizing silicone. This method is most often used when an all-glass appearance is wanted over visible mortar joints.

Additionally, when installing a glass block window into a lumber frame, mortar does no adhere properly. The wood deserve to suck the humidity from the mortar and also cause it come flake turn off or even shrink, resulting in a leaky window. The adhering to is a very simple process for ditching the mortar and also installing glass block v silicone.

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Mortar Vs. Silicone

When creating anything utilizing glass blocks, mortar is often the go-to option. The not just look timeless but additionally creates the finest protective barrier in areas that will certainly come into call with water, such as a shower. Through silicone, if it’s improperly installed, it’s very possible for water come seep in v the joints and loosen the bond.

However, a sleeker look can be achieved by using silicone in the installation of glass blocks. The joints are visibly much smaller, much less visible, and permit for much more light to pass with when contrasted to mortar. Silicon is often the wanted choice, and works good in smaller cases such together a bathroom window. Additionally, the application is much easier, as it have the right to be simply used using a caulking gun.

How to download Glass Block v Silicone

Now, an ext than ever, homeowners and contractors are installing glass block windows to administer privacy, security, and energy efficiency in the home. They can additionally offer a an extremely unique watch when installed using silicone. Because that the purposes outlined below, we will be installing a glass block window into a restroom wall.

Step 1: construct The wooden Frame

The very first step in installing a glass block utilizing silicone is to build a wooden frame that the silicone can properly adhere to. If the area the you space fitting glass block already has a wooden frame, you can skip building a wooden frame entirely.

Measure the wall hole opening where the glass blocks will be going. To create the insert, you’ll require to construct a wooden framework that will certainly fit in ~ this room and roughly the glass blocks. reduced the wood to the measured opening and also continue to develop the frame accordingly.

Step 2: attach the Glass Block Channels

This following step needs that you acquisition glass block installation channels to easily install the glass blocks within the wooden frame. Using a miter-saw, reduced the installation channels so that they will fit every the means around the frame.

Once you’ve completed your cuts, girlfriend will finish up with four pieces the glass block channel. To mount the channels to the frame, screw castle in using short screws on every individual side of the wooden frame. In bespeak to blend the screws into the channel, press a little bit of paint onto the screws making use of your fingertip.

Step 3: rally the Frame

With the networks installed, friend can start assembling the actual structure to be placed into the wall surface opening. Take one of the vertical sides and also attach it to the bottom framework piecing using hardwood screws. Drive the screws into the corners come secure.

Step 4: download the Glass Blocks

Now that part of the structure is attached, girlfriend should be able to easily on slide the glass blocks right into place. Lay the framework out flat and position the an initial glass block right into the bottom channel. Make certain that the block is flush up against the side framework piece.

Install the following glass block, inserting a spacer, or shim, in in between the two blocks. The shim will ultimately be filled up v silicone, close up door the gap and creating a water-tight barrier. Repeat this step, consisting of the spacer, for but many glass blocks you are installing into the frame.

Step 5: Attach additional Vertical structure Piece

With the glass blocks now in place, and the spacers carefully situated in between them, your following step is to affix the other vertical side piece onto the rest of the frame. Position the side item tightly up versus the blocks and drive hardwood screws into the corner to secure.

Step 6: download the peak of the wood Frame

Finish turn off the framework by it is registered the top piece to the rest of the frame. Use wooden screws at the corners to successfully fasten in place.

Step 7: position the wall surface Insert

Now the your glass blocks are effectively framed and ready to be placed into the wall opening, you very first want to properly place it. Place the whole framed glass block insert into the wall, adjusting that so the it is flush. Together needed, usage shims along the top and bottom the the frame.

Before proceeding, ensure that the insert is both plumb and also level within the wall opening. Then, secure the insert in the wall surface by making use of nails or screws. Drive the nails or screws directly into the shims along the top and bottom of the insert.

Step 8: attach the Trim or Molding

Depending on your preference, close up the gaps in the wall by it is registered a lumber trim or molding. Molding have the right to be uncovered in various shapes, sizes, and also designs to complement your preferred look. Measure and cut the trim as necessary to surround the wall surface insert.

Before it is registered to the wall, use constructive adhesive come the underside of every trim board. Place the trim on the wall, follow me the insert and also attach it through screws or nails.

Step 9: fill the Gaps through Caulk

The last step, before any of the finishing touches, is to fill up all the gaps. To to fill the room between the lumber trim and wood frame, usage either a latex or paintable acrylic caulk. Either choice will suffice. Apply the caulk to all of the gaps, filling up any holes that exist between the frame and the trim.

To seal the holes between the glass blocks and also create a sleek, attractive, water-tight barrier, use silicone caulk.

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utilizing a caulking gun, operation the clear silicone caulk along the blocks, filling any space between them.

Keep in mind the silicone caulk needs to it is in maintained and also removed and also reapplied every pair of years. If you room in need of caulk replacement, read more on how To eliminate Silicone Caulk from Fiberglass shower head Stall and What can Be supplied To Dissolve Silicone Caulking?