drive south into The Barrens -- be mindful at the entrance and also avoid the security by sneaking and also running previous them. Just eastern of the main road, there's a gap in the wall surface where you have the right to pass through and bypass the Horde guards.


Head to Ratchet and also Get the trip path.

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continue south and also take the lift right into The thousands Needles.


just southwest of the bottom that the background in The thousand Needles, pick up Henrig Lonebrow's Journal native the corpse i beg your pardon starts a quest.
Head northwest Thalanaar
and Get the trip Path. Rotate in Lonebrow's Journal and also don't get the follow-up. Head southeast every the method to The Shimmering Flats. Choose up every the quests: Hardened Shells Load Lightening Salt flat Venom Hemet Nesingwary Jr. Rocket vehicle Parts A bump in the roadway Wharfmaster Dizzywig


In The Shimmering Flats, the point is mainly to simply keep moving and kill from monster to monster if collecting the Rocket vehicle Parts. The main challenge is the Hollow Vulture Bones as result of the sluggish spawn rate of the vultures and that they're just in far-ranging numbers here. Hence, the circuit is design so that the vulture area is visited plenty of times. Go around the flats, kill so that all the quest objectives are met, then turn them in.

big concentration that Vultures. large concentration of Turtles. Keep whatever Turtle Meat you find, don't vendor it - you'll need it later. huge concentration the Saltstone Basilisk and also Crystalhides. large concentration the Vultures. huge concentration that Scorpids. big concentration the Saltstone Gazers and also Crytalhides. large concentration that Vultures. revolve in the quests: Hardened Shells Load Lightening Salt flat Venom Rocket car Parts A bang in the Road.

Get the follow-ups:

Goblin Sponsorship
Martek the Exiled Wharfmaster Dizzywig

Don't get, or abandon if you got it, Encrusted Tail Fins.

Go south out of The Shimmering Flats and also to Gadgetzan, Tanaris. obtain the flight Path.

Fly to Ratchet.

At Ratchet, turn in the quests:

Goblin Sponsorship and acquire the follow-up Goblin Sponsorship Wharfmaster Dizzywig - don't obtain the follow-up.

Take the watercraft to loot Bay.

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At Booty Bay, Get the flight Path and gain all the searches in town:

Goblin Sponsorship after transforming in the quest and getting the follow-ups from number of NPCs. Supply and Demand Investigate the Camp Supplies to personal Thorsen Bloodscalp Ears Singing Blue Shards Hostile take over Scaring Shaky The Haunted Isle, then revolve it in come Baron Revilgaz at the top of the inn, revolve in The Haunted Isle, and acquire the follow-up The stone of the Tides

We're just obtaining these searches to avoid having actually to walk every the way south to Booty just in bespeak to acquire the trip path and also the pursuits at a later time. We'll go back to Booty just later. For now, just host these pursuits in your quest log.