Sunken sink is the 8th area in Sekiro Shadows die Twice. This walkthrough will overview you with the Sunken sink region.

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How to reach Sunken sink & Under-Shrine sink Idol

You reach the Sunken sink via the Ashina Castle region. Native Ashina Castle’s Old dig idol, go across the bridge wherein you have the right to eavesdrop on two enemies and also through the snowy area wherein you get assaulted by monkeys. Afterward, you with a shrine area and can grapple on come the cliffs up ahead, from there drop under to the Under-Shrine sink idol.


Now we have a vast gun fort in prior of united state with several snipers shoot our way. To avoid them, run quickly (you can run by holding


With the door open, monitor the course ahead and also you’ll get struck by a large snake. Then you loss down into water. Swim v the lake and on the other side you check out the Riven cavern idol.

Sunken sink – Bodhisattva Valley Idol

Grapple up to the tree branches over the Riven cavern idol until you with some huge monk statues through their hands stretched out. You’ll desire to grapple indigenous one statue to the next until you with the Bodhisattva sink idol in ~ the end. Don’t drop under to the poison lake area, that’s just an optional path to the Ashina Depth and also not a worry for now.


Sunken sink – Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole Idol

From the Bodhisattva sink idol, jump under the cliff and also you’ll encounter the Guardian Ape key boss. He’s a challenging fight consisting of two phases. The good news is the he can’t block your attacks, the negative news is the he walk a ton of damage. In the an initial phase his grapple strikes are the many dangerous. Run up to stop being got hold of when the red icon shows. Firecrackers work well to shock him however it just stuns that every 15 secs or so. In ~ 75% / 50% / 25% health he will certainly stagger and you deserve to keep attacking him for massive damage.

In the second phase that starts using a sword. Two of his moves give you a great opening for attack: once he lifts his sword high increase in the air come hammer it down to the ground, deflect the move. It will stun him and put girlfriend under his belly so girlfriend can strike freely because that a few seconds. The other relocate is when he leaps front in her direction, you deserve to jump above him to land behind him and do a couple of hits. Constantly run far from him uneven he’s doing among the two moves. Deflecting every solitary attack of his won’t work as he division your posture also fast, so run away and also only direction the heavy blow that outcomes in him obtaining stunned. Refer to the video clip below to research his moveset the the 2nd phase and also memorize the move that market a chance for attack.


Where to pursue Sunken Valley

After the Guardian Ape is beat you unlock the Guardian Ape’s Watering feet idol and can enter the cavern that he was guarding. Over there you uncover a flower. If you haven’t finished the Corrupted Monk boss in Ashina depth yet, you need to go over there next. If you already did that, girlfriend will notification the idols in Ashina lock are now locked. You should return come Ashina lock via the abandoned Dungeon and reach the tower rooftops to create the video game ending.

This concludes the “Sunken Valley” area.

Next up: go back to Ashina lock Tower Rooftop through the exit Dungeon to cause the game ending, or defeat the Corrupted Monk ceo in Ashina depths if you haven’t already.

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