7 Days to Die is a daunting zombie survival game, but it’s so a lot even more than that. I’ve personally been playing the game for years currently, and also so a lot has actually changed (greatly for the better).

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The game is currently in Alpha 19.2 Stable, as of October 20th 2020. Update: The latest release of Alpha 19.3 Stable was released on December 21, 2020.

Top 7 Days to Die Tips:

Place a bedrollLoot everythingComplete missionsSave ammunitionScrap unwanted resourcesCollect pet bonesAdd points to skillsDig down to bedrockVisit Crack-a-Book


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However before, the must make it through is one thing that’s remained the same, and starting out isn’t constantly that basic.

Here are some 7 Days to Die tips and tricks to enduring the first 7 days of gameplay:

7DTD Survival Guide

Place Your Bedroll

When you first load into the game you’ll be presented via some tutorial difficulties to complete. One of these is to place your bedroll. A bedroll have the right to be made from plant fibers which can be accumulated by hitting some foliage. Plant fibers are basic to come by, so not making a bedroll isn’t an excuse.

A bedroll sets your generate allude to the lcoation where it is put. It will be your only generate point and it will display on the map noted by a bed symbol.


For the initially few days, you might not have actually a base area, so you’ll must remember to take your bedroll through you if you’re on the move, placing it down in a safe area each time.

If you perform have a area you can speak to home, remember to put your bedroll dvery own to mark your spawn point.

Loot Everything

Notoriously well-known as a hoarder in video games, this is where I excel. Loot every little thing you come throughout, even if you think it’s usemuch less, as whatever has a function in 7 Days To Die.

Whether it be a tire, a moldy sandwich, or a bone, these pieces of junk might conserve your life!


If you perform loot everything, you’ll conveniently come to be encumbered. It’s recommended placing a storage chest dvery own to store your items and also come back for them as soon as you require them.

Do Missions (Quests)

Quests are a reasonably current addition to the game (in the last few years) and can carry out you via valuable rewards.

You have the right to discover searches in note develop from dead zombies, in bags, or by looting. Or you deserve to retrieve them from the Trader NCOMPUTER.

Quests have the right to selection from killing a specific amount of zombies to looting a residence in a certain area. This have the right to cause supplying generous rewards that come in handy.

Save Ammunition

If you’re challenged with a zombie horde, ammunition have the right to be the distinction between life or death. Save your ammunition for the best minute.

For instance, if you’re looting a structure, you might like to kill zombies with a melee strike. Conversely, you have the right to slaughter them via a bow, conserving gun ammo for a horde night.

Scrap Resources

Remember once I sassist to loot everything? Well, looting many stuff suggests you can scrap it for useful parts.

For example, you deserve to scrap the majority of steel items like Short Iron Pipe, or a food deserve to, in exreadjust for scrap steel. Scrap steel deserve to be supplied to craft other items, or placed in a build to create Iron.

Collect Bones

As gross as the assumed may be, collecting bones deserve to be very valuable. If you require glue and duct tape to make items (e.g. repair kits), you deserve to usage bones to make glue and combine glue via fabric to make duct tape.

Bones deserve to mainly be looted from animals and corpses. Or you may come across them in body bags in hospitals and churches.

Place Points into Skills

The abilities list in 7 Days to Die is substantial. It’s actually really fun once you put a lot of believed into it.

However, points don’t come thick and fast. So you’ll desire to spfinish your points wisely at the beginning to ensure you have actually the right skills.

Pack Mule is under the Strength attribute. It enables you to lug even more sources without being encumbered. Thus not slowing you down as a lot. At the start, looting is what you’re going to be doing the a lot of. So whack some points right into Pack Mule and also loot everything.

Dig Dvery own To Bedrock

Bedrock is fundamentally the border that identifies you’ve got to the bottom of the civilization. The elevation of bedrock is -57 M and also once you strike it via a pickaxe or various other object, it will certainly make a stselection sound.

If you’re able to dig dvery own to bedrock within the initially 7 days prior to the initially blood moon arrives, you’ll have a better chance of not being detected by Zombies.

You can place objects on bedrock so you could dig down and also make your entire base underground to protect you. Zombies deserve to dig, and they will certainly inevitably acquire to you if you don’t attend to them, but this can take days for them to accomplish.

Visit Crack-a-Book

If you deserve to find a town (commonly by complying with a road or path), most will certainly contain a keep dubbed Crack-a-Book. These stores have actually plenty of bookshelves in, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to loot some brand-new recipes and abilities.

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Several of these deserve to be exceptionally useful in at an early stage game, e.g. crossbow, much better armour, etc. Remember to loot whatever in the store, including upstairs. You might even attempt your luck in a institution or college which similarly have bookshelves to loot.