Michisuki: lol Sorry around that. The looks confusing now that i review it. Ns was do the efforts to change my display name in right here to reflect my IGN going indigenous Tomo to Michi.

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Ok i need a rest from getting rekted by junghadoThese space the soul shields Ive offered till ns hit lid so its effectiveness is guaranteed!! or i think so?Lvl.9 - Lvl.19 = Stalker heart ShieldObtained native the Stalker Jiangshi Wheel the Fate situated at the Foshi Pyres. Death the field Boss to obtain the essence which you use to spin the Wheel the Fate.Lvl.20 - Lvl.28 = Viridian Valor spirit ShieldExchange the Viridian Valor Stones you obtain from day-to-day quests or from the price chests in ~ the end of the dungeons come the Viridian Valor rock Trader in Jadestone town beside the bulletin board/quest plank or whatever board the isLvl.29 - Lvl.32 = golden Deva soul ShieldObtained indigenous the golden Deva Wheel that Fate located at the right side of the Scorching Sands Area in Cinderlands.Lvl.33 - Lvl.35 = Scorpion soul ShieldObtained indigenous the Scorpion Wheel of Fate located at the right side of the Yehara"s Mirage in Scorching Sands. Ar Boss is PINCHY PIIIIINCCHY why is a huge scorpion named PINCHY?....Lvl.36 - Lvl.44 = Cinderlands famous Valor"s spirit Shield Exchange Cinderlands Valor Stones at the Cinderlands Valor rock Trader in ~ Yehara"s Mirage alongside the Wheel that Misfortune..i think it is what that is calledOR Lvl.36 - Lvl.44 = Sacrifice soul Shield tomb of Exiles Dungeon nuf said..this is in reality what i used cuz ns forgot the valor soul shield existed ripLvl.45 = Moonwater renowned Valor"s soul ShieldExchange Moonwater Valor Stones in ~ the Moonwater Valor rock Trader in ~ Hogshead Hamlet next to the Wheel that MisfortuneFrom this point on is my own opinion pls dont stab me..once youve finished up the story quests and also is now focusing on gearing up this is wherein you make a few choices1. Unlimited Tower(1,2,4,6,8) + Bloodshade heart Shield(3,5,7) / unlimited Tower(2,6,8) + Bloodshade soul Shield(1,3,4,5,7)Mix the ideal shields and youll get the highest feasible crit you have the right to from heart shields..its simply a selection between obtaining Def(Mushin 5pc Stat) or Eva(BSH 5pc Stat). Likewise its possible to acquire the same crit while exchanging a second stat come another..just look up in ~ the link below and mix the persons you watch fit.2. Forget Brightstone(5,7,8)+ Moonwater Arena spirit ShieldDecent HP and also whats more you get high crit TA DAAAA..this is what im at this time using ns at 1.9k crit with some failure shield stats im as well lazy to farm the max people since brand-new shield are out. Most likely same worth as PoH shield or better(for me in ~ least). Not judge im proclaiming my shield thats why i placed it below #1.3. Full Bloodshade spirit ShieldWont obtain as lot crit as mix yet will get nearly 300 piercing instead.Ohh Rouz you stupid watermelon then its far better to go for complete BSH in PvE then.OKOK CHILL..you have the right to compensate the 300 piercing by getting Awakened Siren Weapon and Necklace. For this reason by all means since youll end up upgrading her necklace come siren or further, getting an ext than 10% pierce would be a garbage :c -sad face-..still your contact not mine gold4. Full limitless Tower soul ShieldMoOOOOAR HP and also Def 보다 BSH, a so so Crit Rate, much faster to obtain assuming Junghado no wipe the floor through you because if you finish 7F you deserve to purchase every 8 shields through 30 tokens at the seller who will show up after beating JunghadoBEACH5. Complete Moonwater Arena soul ShieldTanky Shield because that Open human being PvP tho an alternative you never knooow since its basic to farm. Ns really havent acquired into open civilization pvp for this reason idk exactly how much the crit def scales.

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It has actually less than 10k hp native Full limitless Tower yet still you know the CRIT DEF...i really cant say something about it for pvp.6. Blackram supply ShieldWouldve been an option prior to the Feb 10th spot came, but due to the fact that we have actually BSH currently an upgraded version of Poh Shield its much better to walk for it.http://bns.endgame.pk/soul_shields/http://imgur.com/q7xdKRu - perform of possible soul shields pre-Feb 10th patch