Optional bossSuggested Level Range: 70-100+Damage Types: Thrust, Rapid Poiboy, BloodDrops: Yharnam Stone - unlock Ritual Blood Level 2, 3, and also 4 at the Bath MessengerYharnam, Blood Queen is a secret optional boss that can just be uncovered by taking the arduous journey through a full of seven different Chalice Dungeons. Each dungeon is an massive labyrinth through multiple floors (layers) and also obstacles (depths). The farther you go down in both layers and also depths the more powerful the enemies will come to be, however the high quality of the rewards will rise as well. You will enrespond to Yharnam at the end of the fifth and last Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon, Ihyll, on the 3rd Layer.She have the right to initially be a handful due to some stselection mechanics, but she is no where close to as tough as the Defiled Chalice bosses or some of the story and optional bosses. Once you understand also just how she behaves you need to have no problem beating her in one or two attempts at the majority of. Due to the fact that of the incredibly high level of obstacle and time investment connected via this trophy, I imply putting it off until it is the last point you execute in the game. That method you will be an adept Hunter that is very all set for the formidable obstacles ahead. It will certainly likewise be refreshing to see all brand-new locations and also bosses by this point.Regardless of as soon as you decide to tackle the Blood Queen you will uncover the lengthy preparations, too the best order to perform them in, in the complying with walkwith.

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Timestamps of all the routine materials essential to finish the trophy are listen below:

<0:00> Red Jelly #1 & 2 (Lecture Building)<0:36> Living String (Mergo's Loft: Middle)<4:23> Arcane Haze Extractor (Lower Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon - Layer 3)<5:19> Bastard of Loran #1 & 2(Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeon - Layer 3)<6:15> Red Jelly #3 & 4 (Great Isz Chalice Dungeon)

Step 1Defeat the Blood-starved BeastThe exceptionally first thing you should carry out is beat the Blood-starved Beast as beforehand as feasible. I indicate being somewright here in between 30 and also 40 to comfortably beat it, but tbelow is no damage in being even greater. Once you carry out you will unlock the trophy Chalice of Pthumeru and obtain sassist Chalice as an in game item. It will certainly enable you to open the initially of 5 different Pthumeru location dungeons that you have to completely clear to reach the Queen. You will likewise unlock Blood-Starved Beast and also the door leading to the Healing Church Workshop in Cathedral Ward, which is necessary for many various other trophies.To check out a complete walkwith of this boss encounter and/or watch a video, please describe the walkvia for Blood-Starved Beast.Step 2Find the Red Jelly in the (Nightmare) Lecture BuildingTwo out of the four products required to activate the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice, which the queen is the third and last boss of, are (1) Living String and (4) Red Jelly. Half of the jelly have the right to be discovered in a primary story area of game and also the various other fifty percent need to be found in certain chalice dungeons that aren't Pthumeru. The Living String is at the incredibly last area of the game, so for now you will collect the Red Jelly.

The first 2 Red Jelly have the right to be uncovered on the first floor of the Nightmare Lecture Building, just to the best of the door you require to reach the Nightmare Frontier. If you are coming from the second floor take a left out of the spider room through the ladder and head all the means to the finish of the hall. It will be the door on you ideal.This action is a lot less complicated than the previous one as it takes you to the Byrgenwerth Lecture Building and will also unlock Nightmare Lecture Building by doing so. However before, if you go there before the organic story development (killing The One Reborn near the end of the game), you will certainly must take a minor detour to reach it. I suggest doing so bereason the rewards in both the lecture building and the complying with location are remarkable assets for clearing the remainder of the game; such as a Caryll Rune that grants +100 to all resists, among others. There are additionally six complete trophies concerned both areas, which is rather nice.To reach the lecture structure please view the walkwith in Nightmare Lecture Building.Step 3Defeat Amygdala for the Chalice of Ailing LoranThe next step can be ongoing straight from the previous actions area. On the initially floor of the Nightmare Lecture Building is an departure in the primary hallmethod, simply next to where you picked up the Red Jelly. It leads to an additional area wbelow you will certainly should defeat the boss Amygdala, that is located at the extremely finish of the Nightmare Frontier. You have the right to reach it by dropping down right into the swamp filled with poisonous water and also heading best for fairly a long time. Make sure you lug ten Antidotes bereason you will certainly need them.Head to the appropriate until you reach the finish of the swamp and find an huge coliseum wright here Amygdala will certainly be. Please see Defeat Great One: Amygdala for assistance via the boss.Step 4Retrieve the Living String from Mother BrainBefore start this action be certain to equip high frenzy withstand armor, withstand runes, and also bring 10 sedatives. They will certainly both be required to avoid a random death. You have to additionally spend your remaining blood echoes so you don't need to issue around retrieving them, just running to your destination.The just chalice routine material that is distinctive in the entire game is none other than the "Living String". It deserve to just be discovered in the primary game and also not in a chalice dungeon. This suggests that you cannot farm for it, if by some opportunity you take place to not pick it up and also begin a new game by accident. You absolutely must acquire it or every one of your effort will be for naught.

First you have to development to the allude in the major story that you have killed Micolash. Once you execute this you will cross a lengthy bridge that leads you to a lamp (Mergo's Loft: Middle), and some elevators just beyond it. Take the left elevator down, yet halfmethod dvery own your descent you need to jump right into an open up window. This have the right to be incredibly tricky but the finest approach I've found is to align the electronic camera directly behind yourself and run forward as soon as you watch the archmethod decoration just over your head. If you attempt to roll you will certainly hit the side of the structure and also autumn to your death.From here on must have sedatives equipped and all set to be used. Start running with the left side of some huge rock/bone formations and also whenever your frenzy bar gets more than half means full, use a sedative. Don't also bvarious other fighting the adversaries because if they grab you or it takes as well long you will be swarmed, resulting in your frenzy to go up also much faster. Just use constant dodges to run past them all.

Continue until you reach a lever and then pull it. You'll see a cutscene of the Mother Brain being dropped down a pitch babsence pit. After it ends rotate around and go dvery own the hole that is behind you and cross the beam to find the Choir Bell, which is necessary for the Hunter's Craft. Go ago across the beam and leave on the left. Walk dvery own the course till you view an opening on your right that leads to the hole the brain plummeted dvery own a few moments earlier. Jump off and pick up the Blood Rock on the body next to the hole that you must acquire for Weapon Master and also +10 your weapon of choice. Once you pick it up rotate to your left and discover the hole in the wall to jump down from.You will certainly land also on the bridge where you formerly combated a Hunter; the bridge to leads the entrance of Mergo's Loft. Turn best and also enter the door, continue down the stairs, and also then rotate left at the concrete railing in the direction of a bunch of little opponents. Go down the stairs behind them and also you will certainly encounter some bigger hatchet wielders. Run previous them till you watch a cage through a green light in the bottom. Walk directly into the cage and also it will certainly take you dvery own to the dark abyss that the Mvarious other Brain is now relaxing in. Don't relocate your video camera or anypoint simply face the inside of it. Once it reaches the bottom of the abyss pull your

to face straight towards your camera.You will now be facing the precise place that Mvarious other Brain is. You have the right to spin your cam around behind you now and also run right at her. Kill her to receive the string, however if you've already saw the Upper Cathedral usage the "Make Contact" gesture in front of her and also sit tbelow for ~30 seconds prior to you kill her. You'll receive a nice rune as a reward.Tip 5Defeat Ebrietas for the Great Isz ChaliceThis will be the last task you have to execute that is outside of a chalice dungeon. Head to the Upper Cathedral (see The Choir) and find Ebrietas who is covert behind a destructible home window at the Lumenflower Garden Lamp. Descend the elevator and also kill Ebrietas who is standing in front of the Altar of Despair. She will certainly drop the Great Isz Chalice which will aid you obtain the last two Red Jelly quicker than any type of other approach. You will certainly likewise unlock Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos and also Chalice of Isz for beating her.Tip 6Clear the first three Chalice of Pthumeru Dungeons and get the Arcane Haze ExtractorIn this action you will ultimately begin to begin execute the chalice dungeons themselves. Tright here are a complete of 5 Chalice of Pthumeru dungeons. The initially 3 you will be able to enter sindicate by beating them in order, while exploring each dungeon enough to discover materials for the succeeding chalice routine. Once you defeat the last boss on the last layer of a dungeon you will constantly obtain a chalice that will certainly take you to the next Pthumeru depth.The materials forced for the initially 3 dungeons in the series are also incredibly straightforward to obtain and common throughout all dungeons. Most most likely you will have amassed a number of them just from experimenting and discovery in the primary game. However before, the final 2 chalices need very rare materials that pressures you to clear the majority of of the Ailing Loran (Depth 4) and also Great Isz (Depth 5) chalice dungeons. You will certainly have actually obtained both of them from beating Blood-starved Beastern and also Amygdala in the previous actions.Before you start a dungeon you should be conscious of a exceptionally rare glitch that can happen in the chalice dungeons. If you die at the exact exact same minute you land the killing blow on a layer boss, there is a chance the door leading to the following layer will certainly not unlock. This will halt your progression with the dungeon from that suggest on. The most basic method to proccasion this is to simply conserve prior to a layer boss so you can pack the backup save without losing any type of time or effort. If this happens without having actually saved you will need to recreate the dungeon. Do so by in search of the appropriate glyph code listed below, for whichever chalice bugged Select it and you will certainly have the ability to rebegin the dungeon without utilizing additional chalice materials.Below are the dungeons you will certainly should clear for this step and also the products necessary for each activation ritual:Pthumeru Chalice

Depth: 1Layers: 3Glyph Code: empkw7xsRequired Materials:Ritual Blood (Tier 1) - 2Blood Echoes - 1000

Central Pthumeru Chalice

Depth: 2Layers: 3Glyph Code: 6zvr4gq6Required Materials:Ritual Blood (Tier 2) - 6Blood Echoes - 1800

Lower Pthumeru Chalice

Depth: 3Layers: 4Glyph Code: rxuxzpepSpecial Item(s): Arcane Haze Extractor on layer 2, initially ideal after opening lever before door / on the method to the bossRequired Materials:Ritual Blood (Tier 3) - 9Blood Echoes - 3200

You will certainly want to go well out of your way to procure the Arcane Haze Extractor uncovered in the third dungeon. It is extremely easy to obtain to and will enable you to break down any kind of and also all routine materials at the abandoned workshop, in exadjust for a different routine material referred to as Arcane Haze. The more handy the ritual product that you extract haze from, the more haze you will get. The reason this is necessary is that the final 2 Pthumerian Chalices call for a complete of 47 arcane haze (22 for Defiled, 25 for Greater). Being able to break down unwanted products is the safest and fastest means of acquiring it. If for some factor you skipped picking it up or don't want to, you deserve to farm Lower Pthumerian Chalice (Layer 3) for them. The caterpillar looking opponents drop 1 haze each and there are 10-15 in the first courtyard.The initially two dungeons are rather straightforward and also you shouldn't check out a lot resistance while you clear via them. It isn't until the 3rd one that the obstacle starts to ramp up because of better adversary density, raised damage and also health, and also more powerful layer bosses. Fortunately the regenerate points are constantly exceptionally cshed to the boss rooms so you deserve to get in a lot of attempts fairly conveniently if you battle. Unchoose the typical boss location that you have to clear a lengthy method ago to.Once you've cleared the Lower Pthumerian Chalice and got the Defiled Chalice you are prepared to relocate on to the next step.Tip 7Clear via the third layer of Ailing Loran for Bastard of Loran products and also the Beastern Claw

Minor Glitch Warning: Tright here is an extremely small opportunity that killing Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier will reward you via the "Lower Loran Chalice", rather of "Ailing Loran Chalice". This is simply a display error; the chalice is in truth Ailing Loran and needs all of the correct products. You execute not have to replay any portion of the game or kill Amygdala again. Ssuggest create the dungeon and ignore the name.Now that you have actually 4 out of the 5 Pthumerian Chalices you will should start locating the rare products needed to activate the last two. The first material you need to pick up is called Bastard of Loran. You will require a complete of 2 for the Defiled Chalice however fortunately they drop in sets of 2 and at precollection places. This renders finding it rather much easier yet the bosses in the dungeon have the right to be challenging for some. Additionally, an excellent thing about having actually to visit this dungeon is that a weapon you must complete Hunter's Essence is discovered right here, so it is 2 birds through one rock.This is the dungeon you must to battle via for this step and the materials necessary for its activation ritual:Ailing Loran

Depth: 4Layers: 3Glyph Code: ruv746qrSpecial Item(s): Beastern Claw - initially door on the appropriate after you reach Layer 2. See Hunter's Essence for more information.Required Materials:Ritual Blood (Tier 4) - 9Coldblood Flowerbud - 4 (can purchased at understanding merchant for 2 insight each after finding one)Blood Echoes - 5500

This dungeon deserve to be incredibly complex bereason of the enemy kinds and the bosses aren't pushovers either. The Blood-starved Beastern is the second boss in the dungeon and if you aren't cautious, the layer 1 boss deserve to kill you in a single combo. Be certain to wear poiboy withstand caryll runes, armor, and lug a hefty amount of Pungent Blood Cocktails also. If you make excellent use of them in the time of the first two boss fights you have the right to beat them without so much as taking a hit.

The Bastard of Loran is located on the 3rd layer simply after opening the lever door to gain to the 3rd boss. After you open the lever before door go through it till you check out a door on your left. Open it, climb the ladder, then proceed down the corridor until you discover yourself in an huge open location through many type of wooden bridges. Right as you reach the bridge revolve left and hug the wall, drop to the bridge beneath you, and also rotate approximately to see a cave entrance. Go into the cave and also kill the opponent standing in front of a coffin that is holding the two Bastard of Loran. You deserve to currently use your Hunter's Mark to easily gain back to the lamp, or clear your method out and also open up another chest alengthy the way.The goal of this pilgrimage is to get the Bastard of Loran however you need to absolutely pick up the Beastern Clegislation on Layer 2 while you are passing through. If you don't you will just need to come back later and also get it for Hunter's Essence anyhow. After picking up the Bastard of Loran you need to check and also view just how a lot Ritual Blood (Tier 5) you are presently transporting. You will require 9 to enter the final Pthumerian dungeon and also 9 more to enter Great Isz and snag the Red Jelly. However before, you will certainly have to clear with another Depth 4 and also 5 chalice dungeon, so you will certainly pick up more in the procedure.

Tip 8Clear all 3 layers of the Defiled ChaliceFor many human being this will be the many hard part of the whole trophy and maybe the entirety game. The Defiled Chalice has an result that reduces your maximum HP complete by 50%. Although this may seem prefer an substantial hurdle to overcome, the adversaries perform have somewhat lower damages as a result however just slightly (20-30% at best). This renders clearing to the bosses challenging but not insurmountable. However before, versus the bosses themselves it still have the right to and also will certainly cause a one hit kill if you are hit by the strongest skills.The challenging dungeon you need to overinvolved finish this step and also the materials necessary for its activation ritual are as follows:Defiled Chalice

Depth: 4Layers: 3Glyph Code: gwf8x4t2Special Modifer: -50% HP penalty that persists throughout the entire dungeonRequired Materials:Ritual Blood (Tier 4) - 9Bastard of Loran - 2 (uncovered on Layer 3 of Ailing Loran)Arcane Haze - 22Blood Echoes - 5500

The essential to properly clearing this dungeon is one thing: caution. You will certainly want to play extremely safe and cautious at every single rotate. Do not gain impatient and also overly aggressive against any kind of foe or you will certainly be punimelted and also die within secs. Against the bosses the key is to basically fight at max variety, hit and run, and also never before give them the possibility to land a clean combo. The 2 tools that I personally had the most success via in this dungeon were the Hunter's Axe in 2H create and Ludwig's Divine Blade in 2H create. Both give superb reach that is nearly required in order to not shed large quantities of wellness, while giving the finest damage output in the game.Please watch the video listed below to check out acquire an principle of exactly how the boss encounters work and also my techniques for dispatching them.

Tip 9Clear to the third layer of Great Isz or Lower Loran for two even more Red Jelly materialsBecause you were only able to acquire 2 Red Jelly throughout the major story you will certainly have to collect an additional 2 prior to you have the right to enter the last chalice dungeon. Thankcompletely this will be the last side chalice dungeon that you have to clear for products. Everything else that you will require will be attainable in the core Pthumerian chalices that you want to be playing in. This time you will be headed to Great Isz to acquire 2 more Red Jelly.You deserve to also uncover some Red Jelly in Lower Loran Chalice. However before, Great Isz is by much the easier of the two to uncover it in because it is the shortest, has actually less complicated bosses and enemies, and also it has a ton of rating 15 and also 19 Tempering Radial and Triangle Blood Gems. These can really aid an excellent address the final dungeon and future playthrough and also have an prompt impact if you don't already have actually good gems. For example: I obtained a Phys. ATK UP 13.9%, Phys. ATK UP 18.5% and a pure ATK UP 15% in my clear of this dungeon. That is on peak of a dozen various other really excellent elepsychological gems.Here is the last Chalice Dungeon you will have to explore prior to the Queen's dungeon:Great Isz Chalice

Depth: 5Layers: 3Glyph Code: cijafuryRequired Materials:Ritual Blood (Tier 5) - 9Pearl Slug - 3Blood Echoes - 11500

As shortly as you reach layer 3 run right, pass the group of aliens, then take a difficult right to dodge the two werewolves. Take your initially left dvery own right into a hallmethod wbelow a boulder will continuously roll dvery own. Wait until it passes and then follow it down the hall and also take your first left. There will certainly be 2 red jelly inside this room. One in two various chests and also 3 Yellow Backbone.You need to currently check to confirm that you have actually enough Ritual Blood (Tier 5) on you to actually enter the final dungeon, Great Pthumeru Ihyll. You require 9 complete and also if you haven't been experimenting thoapproximately you'll have to gain some even more from a Depth 4 dungeon, but hopefully that isn't the instance.Step 10Clear the first two floors of the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice to reach YharnamAt last every one of the hard work-related and also preparation will come to fruition. The fifth and also last Pthumerian chalice is referred to as the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice and also has some pretty hard bosses, 2 of which are distinctive to this dungeon. Since you were able to acquire to this allude you are basically doing a victory lap, bereason the previous dungeon is much more difficult than this one in basic. The last boss in specific is an absolute breeze the moment you understand her abilities, which must be quick if you check out via the rest of this walkwith.The fifth and also final Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon will call for these difficult earned products to conduct the ritual:Great Pthumeru Ihyll

Depth: 5Layers: 3Glyph Code: 8wu8n99nRequired Materials:Ritual Blood (Tier 5) - 9Red Jelly - 4Living String - 1Blood Echoes - 11500

The initially boss you will certainly encounter is the Pthumerian Descendant. You have actually combated him in a previous chalice but he will certainly be exponentially even more powerful this time approximately. His reach is absolutely scary many thanks to his lengthy hook and also tall height and also every single strike he does is quick. Very rapid. After taking some damage he will break-up his weapon into 2 and also boomerang them at you. These go through walls and do astronomical damage, so be prepared to dodge.The trick to beating him is just strike him via a pillar through a lengthy 2H weapon (Hunter's Axe or Ludwig's Divine Blade). The

of Ludwig's literally reaches through an entire pillar to hit him on the various other side, as does the Hunter's however you have to angle it slightly roughly a edge for it to land also. Just consistently run approximately the pillar till he dies.The second boss is a modified/distinctive variation of the Bloodletting Beast you battled in Ailing Loran. Only this one is being ridden, has actually its head removed, and will sprout a huge caterpillar from his neck when he is low health and wellness. Just keep rolling with its legs and attacking from the side as much as feasible. Don't stand straight underneath it because it will certainly grab you and crush you. Once the worm creature sprouts you have the right to bait it to attack and it will be vulnerable for a while.Now on to the major event: Yharnam herself.

Final StepKill Yharnam, Pthumerian QueenThis fight is rather distinctive in the feeling that Yharnam possesses not simply most various abilities in her arsenal, however ones that have actually no real similarity to other boss or opponent abilities in the game. Everypoint she will perform, aside from slash you through her kris blade, will be the initially time you've seen such a mechanic. Thankfully they are all quite weak after you understand exactly how to recognize and prevent them.You will certainly desire to bring through you some antidotes, fire or bolt paper, bone marrowhead ash if you really want to make the fight go quick, equip poikid withstand runes, and also wear armor via Quick Poiboy and Thrust res. I personally imply wearing the Cainhurst Helmet/Boots through the Executioner Chest/Gloves.The fight has actually three unique phases. The first one you will go via either once Yharnam reaches 60-70% wellness or about 90-120 seconds have actually passed. Whichever comes first. The first phase compared to the 2nd and also third play completely oppowebsite of one an additional in terms of rate and also function. In the initially phase you will certainly desire to be patient and stop the significant burst. In the second and also 3rd you will certainly want to be very aggressive.The #1 point you must understand around this fight is the baby crying mechanic/lockdvery own. The method it works is that whenever you get in melee array of the queen the baby will start to cry. If you aren't in selection for a while it will certainly begin crying on its own. After approximately 2.5-3.5s of crying the queen (baby?) will certainly lock you in place with some spiritual binding, but only if you are within melee selection. The queen will certainly then hit you for anywhere between 60-80% of your wellness while you are binded there and also helpless. This is easily avoidable simply by listening for the audio cue and not blindly rushing in. The key is to hit and run if the baby starts crying, however punish her endlessly until it does.If the baby starts crying the moment you obtain in you have time to execute roughly 2 attacks, also via the sluggish Hunter's Axe in 1H create. If it doesn't begin crying automatically you can repeatedly chain together

strikes until you either take a large amount of damages, she vanishes, or she channels a huge assault. It also has an internal cooldvery own of 2-3 secs so it can't endlessly chain together crying strikes. Make use of this as soon as you are considering whether to rush or flee.

Phase 1Yharnam will start out the fight through her hands cuffed together, glowing red and spewing blood all over. She will either carry out a sprinkler type of strike, a large explosion, or shoot individual blood arrows at you. You deserve to interrupt the sprinkler via and pressure the bomb, then rush in and also assault. Or you can just wait till she does it on her very own and also then go in. Never before commit also difficult until the bomb goes off because it is her single hardest hitting capability in the whole fight. Play safe and also pepper her down until she breaks her cuffs and gos right into phase 2.Phase 2When her cuffs break she will gain brand-new abilities, however the crying will certainly persist throughout the entire fight so be aware of that. The first one she gets is a clone approach wright here 2 clones show up. They will constantly appear in a triangle approximately the altar in the middle. Each clone will die when hit as soon as by any kind of damage source, so just lock on with

and shoot them if they aren't adjacent. No need to run over and also hit them and also hazard gaining sniped by the other 2. The second capability she will get is a ground spear approach. She will stab her hand and also expensive blood spears will burst out from under you, so just dodge about till they stop.Once she reaches 40-50%, or has actually been in this phase for 60 secs, phase 3 will certainly begin. However before, it is rather postponable if you are really proenergetic about it. The phase starts when she stabs really deep into her hand and pulls out a blood sword. You deserve to shoot her beforehand in this telegraph to interrupt it and store her in this simpler phase. Try to execute so and expand phase 2 as much as you can.Phase 3You will certainly understand phase 3 has actually begun once you watch her wielding a very lengthy blood sword. All of her previous abilities will reprimary and she will certainly obtain yet one more collection. This phase is the dangerous one bereason she is quicker, hits much harder, lastly has a combo that damages, and also a strange poichild rain result. A excellent side impact of this is it becomes easy to distinguish her from her clones, given that she is the only one wielding the new blade. All of her brand-new abilities should really be dodged or countered so I will go over each one individually.

Poltergeist CircleThe queen will begin glowing white and also then an huge white circle will certainly show up around her. If you remain within the circle you will certainly be lifted off the ground and then slammed. This is 100% difficult to stop if you are in melee selection once it actually goes off. The just method to dodge it is instantly begin running if you see her glow at all AND not currently be on height of her.LungeThis is conveniently avoidable and also actually an extremely great point. She will certainly rub her hand along the red sword and then lean forward to lunge. The moment you watch her touch the side of it put your finger on so you have the right to successfully parry the attack. If you don't shoot her and don't dodge it you will definitely die unmuch less close to complete health and wellness.Blood GeyserWhen you watch her sword glow bideal and she raises it up, back out, because pain is on the method. She will slam the sword into the ground and also a ton of blood geysers will shoot up roughly her. Immediately after that the blood will come raining down and if you are inside it your poiboy meter will certainly start to go up rather quick. If it exceeds 75% or so use an antidote instantly, bereason one straight hit from her will push it to full and also then you'll be in trouble. It's fine to run in the moment the ability ends and continue to be between 20-50% poisoned at all times, just don't do it numerous times in a row without making use of an antidote.

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Avoid these abilities, shoot clones instantly, acquire away from her when she's crying, and shoot her when she swings to obtain simple parry's off and visceral assaults. It shouldn't take you lengthy to down her so long as you don't needlessly take damages from the crying baby binds or the blood splast in phase 1.