Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is letting players capture four generations of Starter Pokemon in the wild.

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Last year, Pokemon Sun and Moon presented the Island Scan system as a way for players to "https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgfind"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpg Pokemon by scanning QR codes. When a player scanned 10 QR codes utilizing the game"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgs scanner, they can unlock an "https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgIsland also Scan"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpg that would display players the place of specific Pokemon that weren"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgt otherwise catchable in the game.

Which Pokemon the Island Scan discovered relies on the Island also scanned in the game, and the day of the week. For instance, scanning Melemele Island on Monday would certainly lead to a various Pokemon showing up than scanning Melemele Island on Tuesday.

Pokemon Sun and Moon"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgs Island Scans let players catch Pokemon like Chikorita, Totodile, and also Cyndaquil in the wild for the first time ever, but now the feature is letting players capture even more renowned Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. For the first time ever before, players have the right to currently capture Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle in the wild.

Here"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgs a list of all the brand-new Island Scan Pokemon, in addition to their locations and the day they"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgll be available:

Melemele Island:

Charmander (Sunday, Route 3)

Squirtle (Monday, Seaward Cave)

Onix (Tuesday, Ten Carat Hill)

Horsea (Wednesday, Kala"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpge Bay)

Scatterbug (Thursday, Hau"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgoli City)

Bulbasaur (Friday, Route 2)

Litwick (Saturday, Hau"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgoli Cemetery)

Akala Island:

Ralts (Sunday, Route 6)

Spheal (Monday, Route 7)

Combusken (Tuesday, Route 8)

Honedge (Wednesday, Akala Outskirts)

Beedrill (Thursday, Route 4)

Grovyle (Friday, Route 5)

Marshtomp (Saturday, Brooklet Hill)

Ula"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgula Island

Rhyhorn (Sunday, Blush Mountain)

Swinub (Monday, Tapu Village)

Prinlup (Tuesday, Route 16)

Grotle (Wednesday, Ula"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgula Meadow)

Pidgeot (Thursday, Route 10)

Monferno (Friday, Route 11)

Axew (Saturday, Mount Hokulani)

Poni Island also

Elektross (Sunday, Poni Grove)

Aggron (Monday, Poni Plains)

Rotom (Tuesday, Poni Gauntlet)

Leavanny (Wednesday, Poni Meadow)

Chesnaught (Thursday, Exeggutor Island)


Greninja (Friday, Poni Wilds)

Delphox (Saturday, Ancient Poni Path)

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"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgPokemon Ultra Sun"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpg and also "https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpgUltra Moon"https://carolannpeacock.com/how-to-get-charizard-in-pokemon-sun/imager_1_4139_700.jpg: How to Get Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Other Starter Pokemon

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