Ok so I LOVED the Turquoise and also Blue dyes by Ion that you gain at Sally’s, BUT they work-related so well that it is insanely difficult to rerelocate them as soon as you’re prepared to relocate on to the following style.

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The blue produced such a terrific bideal vibrant colored hair that I seriously I obtained compliments daily on the blue in my hair (constantly awesome). HOWEVER, as soon as I decided (after 5 months of blue hair) that I was ready for a summer style of Reds and Yellows I began to fade out the blue. (This was the initially time I had actually ever before had blue and also I believed it would certainly be as easy as the red I had actually to fade out prior to my next hair dye. Boy was I wrong.)

Since my normal “fading” techniques weren’t working, I did what many of us execute and also turned to the power of the internet. I watched (practically) eexceptionally Youtube video that talked around rerelocating dye and tried them, BUT THEY DIDN’T WORK. The approaches just “faded” the blue a shade – maybe two if I was lucky. In desperation I began looking additionally ago in the google results and also came throughout a forum post with a bunch of SugarSkullWoguys commenting on all the means they remove shade.

I tried EVERY one of them – I didn’t perform them in the very same order, however picked from them based on the “risk/damage” level pointed out in the write-up. I wanted to go with light damages and also rate (because I’m impatient). This post is a evaluation of how well each of those techniques operated on rerelocating my once brilliant blue right into a platinum blonde that is currently ready for my new summer style.

NOTE: all the yellow blocks of message below are quotes from the short article and also referrals from the comments. My notes and results are listed below each yellow section. 

Attempt #1 – Color Remover

Colour removers autumn into two categories – colour strippers and also colour reducers. Colour strippers are very equivalent to bleach however colour reducers are a great method of removing irreversible colour from your hair via minimal damages. Colour reducers won’t touch your natural colour and also just rerelocate synthetic pigment.The instructions differ from one manufacturer to the following, yet mostly you deserve to use a colour reducer 2-3 times to remove a permanent colour. It reverses the colouring procedure by shrinking the colour molecules in your hair, allowing them to be wamelted out. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, both for safety and security and to ensure you get the a lot of from the product. When the instructions say wash your hair for 20 minutes, carry out it!

On a previous trip to Sally’s I picked up a Color Remover. I figured it would certainly be excellent to have actually on hand also if a shade didn’t revolve out as intended or for among those days once I acquire a hair up my… and also want to readjust my shade. When I witnessed it on the list of recommfinished methods I opted to try this first.

DON’T – It was awful… the smell that originates from this product was putrid. It was so poor I assumed my wall surfaces would certainly begin melting… It took 4 days before the smell started to subside in my bathroom. My husband began utilizing our second bath to protect against the smell it was so bad.

I stuck it out and did the process figuring “If it worked, it was worth gagging for an hour.” …but it didn’t. -_-

Here’s the prior to and also after:


Vitamin C Treatment This is a really easy treatment that you deserve to knock in addition to simply 2 family ingredients. It functions finest on semi-long-term colours and can remove 1-2 levels of tone. It will certainly not impact your organic colour. You will certainly need effervescent Vitamin C tablets (powder is fine however tablets work-related slightly better) and shampoo. Use 1 or 2 1,000mg taballows or 1-2g of Vitamin C powder. If utilizing taballows crush them between two spoons and also collect up the powder in a bowl. Get yourself prepared for the treatment because you’ll must use it immediately after mixing. I recommend you usage an old towel to capture any colour run-off and a plastic cap. Mix your powdered Vitamin C with a large squirt of cheap shampoo. Apply this to your hair automatically and work it through your hair ensuring every strand also is spanned. Cover your hair via a plastic cap to prevent it from dripping into your eyes. Check your hair eexceptionally 5-10 minutes and leave it on your hair for a maximum of 20 minutes before rinsing out. Follow through conditioner.

After the attempted Color Remover I then tried this approach bereason I currently had packets of Emergen-C in my cabinet. I tried both Emergen-C powder which I had on hand also and also went out an bought the tablets. UMMM NO! Maybe this functions within a few days of dying your hair as soon as it’s still fresh, however it definitely did NOT rerelocate even a shade of blue.

I was really shocked that it didn’t work-related because almost EVERY youtube video talks around this strategy, yet it simply didn’t occupational. I think probably they were utilizing it on hair that had been dyed within a couple of weeks… unprefer me wbelow my hair was blue for many months.

Attempt #3 – Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Sounds basic, but anti-dandruff shampoo functions like a cinjury removing pastels and also undesirable tones. If your blonde hair has actually gone as well ashy or you still have actually a slight tint from your last colour hanging around, a couple of washes through an anti-dandruff shampoo will certainly lighten it up substantially.

Many type of hair dye removal tips digital discuss utilizing anti-dandruff shampoo. I would take into consideration this strategy a way of “fading” shade much faster not necessarily removing all the shade. If you plan on changing your hair color in the following month or so, start washing your hair with this shampoo, but understand that it won’t remove the hair color within a few washes.

Sidenote: I followed some of the comments and mixed it this shampoo with the vitamin C and still didn’t have actually any luck. I tried this 3 times across 2 days through no significant results.

By this time, I was obtaining incredibly impatient which implies I wasn’t quite prepared to totally bleach my hair, yet figured I’d offer this “moderate” danger option a try. She’s ideal in that it will fade the shade a couple shades.

Aobtain, we’re still fading not necessarily “removing.” As you deserve to view the blue was still really preleading.

Attempt #5-7 – Swimming, Sun, & Soaking

I tried all of the over approaches over the course of two weeks. So, for week 3 of Blue Hair Color Removal, I opted to wait a week from any type of other “processing” and also just deep problem my hair each night to aid it get over the damages of all this washing and also processing. Over the adhering to week I tried the more “mild” alternatives, which included –

Swimming If you should fade your colour swimming in a chlorinated pool will certainly fade semi-irreversible colour, and through recurring exposure deserve to fade permanent colour slightly. Swimming in the sea deserve to additionally lighten your colour. The impacts are subtle however if you’re a continuous swimmer you will alert a distinction.

Sun Expocertain (without a UV protectant on my hair)

While I don’t desire to encourage anyone to disclose themselves to sun-damage, the majority of unorganic colours are not especially photosteady. If you can safely offer your hair a little little bit of sunlight expocertain over a few days you will alert a difference in colour. Almeans take prewarns to avoid sunburn to your skin (don’t forobtain your scalp).

Bath Salts

No, I don’t suppose the party drug – I’m talking around the stuff your granny offers to relieve her aches and pains. Bath salts are a mixture of soluble minerals that are added to bath water and also commonly encompass Epsom salts and also sodium bicarbonate. To use, just run a bath, sprinkle in some bath salts and soak your hair for as long as possible. Colour is attracted out of your hair, and if there’s the majority of pigment in your hair, you’ll check out a pool of colour where you’ve been soaking!

I recognize these swimming and also sunlight work-related on removing reds from past experience.. yet this write-up wouldn’t be titled “stubborn blue” if all these techniques functioned on blue hair. The Swimming and also Sun techniques didn’t seem to perform much, but hey… at this suggest even half a shade lighter and also I was ecstatic. I didn’t view ANY adjust after trying the bath salts – yet I did reap an hour of beach in the tub… so perhaps that was the universe telling me to be at tranquility via the staying blue in my hair?

By this point… I was beginning to shed hope, so I read through ALLLLLLLL the comments on that write-up and pulled out a couple of nuggets of what “worked” for the readers… They did an excellent project at pointing me to which of the 10 means was actually functioning. From the comments I obtained the remaining 3 techniques I would certainly attempt before offering in and simply waiting for the blue to fade normally.

Attempt #8 – Opposing Colors

Have I pointed out how tired I was from all this hair washing? lol… in the grand plan of life – It’s simply hair and also I could have just been patient for the blue dye to fade normally, however I was REALLY excited for 1. trying a new style and also 2. blogging about the brand-new style BEFORE summer. So, I went via a method extended in this youtube video that says making use of a shade opposite of the blue on the color wheel. I picked up an orange/copper shade and also a red.

I checked out town – I spanned my entirety head in the orange/red shade (except for my bands since I knew I was going to desire those yellow). ALL of my hair was dooffered in orangey/red color dye. I figured worse case scenario red + blue dye would certainly give me a purplish color on the under side of my hair which I could live through. But that didn’t take place -_-

In truth, every one of the red just waburned out and the blue remained… I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Here’s a snapshot of the prior to, during, and after:


Attempt #9 – Dawn Dish Soap & Baking Soda

I pulled this reminder from the comments of the forum write-up I stated prior to. I had also heard from the youtubers that the dawn dish soap faded the shade faster… so I ran to Walgreens picked up a $1 bottle of blue Dawn dish soap and also a $1 box of baking soda. I blended around a 1:1 ratio of each right into a small cup and also made around 1/4 cup of the mixture. Then I hopped in the shower and also lathered it up. I let it sit on the hair for 5-10 minutes while I finiburned showering and also shaving… then I rinsed….and also rinsed… and also rinsed… lol.

Seriously, the tiny dime sized amount of dish soap that washes your dishes x20 remained in my hair. I didn’t take it simple when lathering and payed for it as soon as it involved rinsing – mann were my arms worn down.

The excellent news – this worked INSANELY well. So well, I wish I had tried it initially to view how it would impact my hair before all the other fading techniques I tried.

Just take a look at the prior to and also after pics listed below. Due to the fact that it worked so well, the following day, I did the same thing and ended up via a very light shade of skies blue the remainder of my hair was totally blonde.

Proof Pic:


Attempt #10 – High-lift Blonde Dye

I saved this alternative for last bereason it’s what was recommfinished as a last choice in the comments and in the write-up short article I discussed previously. After the Dish soap and also baking soda removed many of the blue and also all the other colors were faded out of my hair leaving behind an ash blonde color, I went for it and also picked up a high lift bleach blonde kit for the drug save.

This acquired the continuing to be blue shade out leaving behind a soft shade of blue barely noticeable. Now that I’m blonde again… I rewarded my hair with a week off and also a deep conditioning treatment at a neighborhood salon.

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Do me a favor – if you try any type of of these methods tag us in your before or after pic so we can view just how well they functioned for you! Oh and don’t forgain to pin this for later… it’ll come in handy when you’re prepared for the next brand-new color.