Most the YouTubers continuous say about their protective immune to haters and indifference come dislikes and negative comments below their videos. However, the analytics argues otherwise. There are lots of search queries on Google as “How to find out that dislikes your YouTube video?”It is a an excellent example to describe human nature. No matter how zealously us deny yet we yes, really care about other people’s opinion concerning us, specifically when that is negative. Let’s cave on YouTube a little bit and understand even if it is it is feasible to understand your opponent by sight also if the does no matter, actually.

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Can You view Who Disliked Your video clip on YouTube

Nobody knows whether YouTube did this to protect the mental health of its users or for other reasons. However, the does not allow the author of the content to check out exactly, I mean to understand the nickname the the person who disliked the video. At the very same time, the is likewise impossible to check out who favored your video clip as these 2 buttons space anonymous. The complete count the “thumbs up” and also “thumbs down” is available. If you have thousands the followers, girlfriend are most likely not to bother yourself with an investigation of haters. However, it matters to some bloggers. YouTube pursues the plan of flexibility to express your voice, and hidden names room the right an approach to remain objective and also honest.

How to see who Disliked her Video

For those who have just become gloomy, there is a consolation prize. In the Analytics ar of YouTube, you have the right to see some metrics such together demographics, location, and data for interactions that consists of comments, shares, likes, and dislikes together well. You room still not able to uncover out certain names but this info is far better than nothing. It gives you v an knowledge of your viewers’ traits who execute not favor your videos.

To obtain into the Analytics ar you should:

Log in come YouTube.Click on your avatar or icon in the upper right corner. Pick YouTube Studio native the drop-down menu.Click ~ above Analytics in the left panel.

Here you will have the ability to see number of tabs that refer to different varieties of statistics such as Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience.

Find a line through the name choose / dislike wherein you deserve to see every the information about one special video below the chart. Friend have access to geography, day when dislike was put, even if it is this person is subscribed to your channel or not, and also what device kind he uses.

What is more, there is the flip next of the coin. If you space a viewer and want to discover out solution to the concern whether someone deserve to see if you dislike a youtube video clip or not, there space some news because that you. YouTubers cannot speak to you by her name or surname but they recognize what nation you space in, and what machine you supplied to placed that nasty “thumb down”.


Even if, YouTube go not administer you with special names, you get much power utilizing statistics. You room awarded v an opportunity to recognize the preferences of her viewers, and better customize ads, encourage the channel. There is no sense to worry around the name of her viewers. You’d far better work an ext on the surname of your channel or videos. It is definitely more useful.

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