Reddit is among the top-rated news aggregation service provided by numerous users. That is a communication to find or uncover something new and get connected in it as discussions. Reddit is a free, open-source and is all about community. With this, any type of of the Reddit users can post, share, upvote, and downvote posts. The is the best platform to save up v the recent news, recent trends, famous videos, memes, and also more. Reddit bring you materials from the topics that matter to friend the most. Like most other social app, Reddit users can modify a article once after ~ posting it. Even if it is you found a spelling mistake or let go to incorporate something important, Reddit supports editing the post. If friend don’t know just how to edit Reddit post, then we are here to help you out.

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How to modify Reddit Post?

Based ~ above the platform you use Reddit, you deserve to jump into the corresponding section listed below to edit text posts.

How to edit a Reddit short article on Web?

If you space using Reddit ~ above your web browser, then right here are the steps to modify a post.

Note: Reddit allows you modify only text posts. That doesn’t permit editing image post that you have posted previously.

(1) Visit using the address bar of the browser.

(2) click on Login button come sign right into your Reddit account.

(3) hover to the top-right corner and also tap ~ above the username located over the search field.

(4) top top the outline page, click on Submitted tab easily accessible at the top.

(5) When the list of write-ups you have actually submitted appears, click the article that you desire to edit.



FYI! v this, girlfriend can edit the short article title, edit the body message of her post, etc.

(7) Finally, click the save button to confirm the changes and also publish the edited variation of the post.


How to modify a Reddit short article on Android or iOS ?

Those using the Reddit application on the Android or iOS platform deserve to stick through the measures given below to transform a post.

(1) Launch the Reddit app on her smartphone. Make sure you have logged in to continue further.

(2) On the navigating bar, click on the profile icon and tap on the “My Profile” option.

(4) Look because that the text write-up that you want to edit and click on it to open it.

Note: Reddit app allows editing the body message of the text short article only. Friend cannot modify the location or attach post.

(5) Tap top top three upright dots (Android) or three horizontal dots (iOS) native the top-right corner.

Our Opinion

We hope you have successfully done with editing the article on Reddit from any kind of of your devices with ease. Just keep in mind the you cannot modify a Reddit post other than text posts.

Comment us below if you discovered this section useful and also informative. For much more such short article updates, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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