i am at work, and wanted to Google something, but then I saw the Halloween Doodle (and ns played through it). Now I have no idea what i was searching for.

How can I disable Google\"s doodle, to stop it indigenous slowing under my productivity?



I don\"t recognize what Google are thinking - here\"s just how I solved it in Firefox, with the Adblocker add-on.

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Go come the Adblock pulldown and select \"Filter Preferences\".Select \"Ad blocking rules\" in the left box.On the ideal click \"Add filter\" and input http://www.google.com/logos/*

Alternatively use:https://duckduckgo.com/


Google is the default internet search engine in both Firefox and Chrome, which way that you execute not must visit google.com to search.

Just form whatever you want to search for in the resolve bar and also press enter. If everything you have gone into doesn\"t suitable the format of a wesite/webpage, it would certainly take you come the Google Search result page of the text.

There\"s no official way to disable it. Below are part options:

Disable JavaScript in her browser. This will but heavily affect the use of all internet applications.

Click Change background Image in the bottom left and collection any image you like. You might even upload a straightforward white picture to your Picasa account and also use that.



Just install the Adblock add to add-on and add this rule:

s/http/https/://www.google.com/logos/*This solution works for me.

There is a userstyle that will replace the doodles and special logos with the default. Right here are the collection up instructions:

You now have actually a non-distracting Google Search.
Here is a systems I use in Internet traveler 11. In other words will use the default find provider to find from the deal with bar. I set Google together the default find provider, never must browse to google.com and thus protect against the doodle.

In the top right edge of Internet traveler click the Tools symbol (looks choose a gear) then select Manage add-ons. Select Search carriers in the Add-on varieties list. If Google is in the list, right click the entry and also select collection at default.

If Google is not in the list, click Find an ext search providers... At the bottom that the window. This will take you to the Internet explorer Gallery whereby you have the right to select extr IE add-ons. Select Google search in the perform of Add-ons climate click the include to Internet traveler button.

Check the box alongside Make this my default search provider and also click Add. Nearby the regulate Add-ons window.

Now you deserve to search straight from the resolve bar. Don\"t stroked nerves going to google.com.

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answered Feb 1 \"15 at 20:02
man SchillingJohn Schilling
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A Google employee pointed out that you have the right to search indigenous an empty outcomes page and also not see any Doodles:


It functions for me on my phone, whereby I can\"t use Adblock etc.

(It\"s bizarre exactly how Google\"s original page was particularly designed to no have any crud favor this, and also now lock go out of their means to pressure it on us.)

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answered january 11 \"16 in ~ 17:49
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This is what ns did come disable the doodles in the Chrome browser:

To disable castle in the brand-new tab page, I saw chrome://flags and also set

#use-google-local-ntp to enabled and#doodles-on-local-ntp to Disabled

Like someone else suggested, to avoid seeing castle on startup I set one the the tabs come this:


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answer Feb 9 \"18 at 20:02
Todd NemetTodd Nemet
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Adblock Plus has actually \"block element\" function that worked for me without additional gestures.

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answer Apr 17 \"20 in ~ 9:58
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I changed Adblock Plus with uBlock Origin, then in its \"My filters\" tab added:

google.com###lgaFor the past few months ns was can not to configure Adblock plus to execute that, together it had actually previously. Reportedly they started charging advertisers to be on the default whitelist.

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answered Aug 21 \"16 in ~ 18:30
Robert LauristonRobert Lauriston
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I don\"t understand if your concern is still valid, yet I came across this post written by grant Winney recently:

If installing another browser expansion is fine for you, then ns recommend friend to examine Hide Doodles. Grant produced an extension easily accessible for Firefox and also Chrome (which by an interpretation should additionally work within the Brave browser because it natively supports Chrome extensions).

If you space want to signal any bugs, have any type of suggestions or simply want to have actually a look at the source code that his extension, you deserve to head to the github page of his task at the connect below:

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answered Dec 18 \"19 in ~ 23:36
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The encrypted google page is devoid of doodles:https://encrypted.google.com

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reply Dec 31 \"13 at 19:13
Vaibhav BajpaiVaibhav Bajpai
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